‘Give me a moment’ Helen Whately cuts off Piers Morgan in care home vaccine row

GMB: Helen Whately tells Piers she ‘wants to answer question’

The Minister of State for Social Care told Piers Morgan to give her a chance to answer his questions as he demanded to know why the public had been told there was a “protective ring” around care homes but there was still a high death rate. Helen Whately told Morgan to “give me a moment” as she responded to his questions on Good Morning Britain.

“When the Health Minister and Prime Minister keep claiming that they put a protective ring around our care homes, that’s just a complete lie isn’t it?” Morgan asked.

“Because if they had, you wouldn’t have 30,000 people, residents, dying and you wouldn’t have 469 social care workers dying.

“That’s not a protective ring. That is allowing a secondary phase of this pandemic to run riot through care homes. You’re the Care Minister.”

“I really want to answer your question so just give me a moment,” Whately hit back.

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“Your viewers will have family members who live in care homes or some who work in care homes themselves so this is really important.

“We have really stepped up to support care homes and support local authorities and the care homes in their area.

“I won’t pretend for a moment that it hasn’t been incredibly hard. We all know those who are older and frail, for instance those in care homes, are most at risk from this virus.

“That is why we have put so much in place.”

Later Morgan remarked: “You tweeted, after Boris Johnson revealed 100,000 people have died in this country, which is currently the worst death rate in the world and one of the worst death tolls in the world, you tweeted, ‘Truly devastating.

“There will be a time to remember and reject, and we are already learning lessons.’

“As the Care Minister, what lessons have you learned about how to stop people dying in care homes that you’re now implanting to prevent, that you didn’t do back in March and April?”

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