Gogglebox stars’ real life careers uncovered – from pro dancer to agony aunt

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Gogglebox has been a firm favourite among TV-lovers ever since it first graced our screens back in 2013.

It's a simple concept – people watching TV – but the diverse range of families and friends offering their commentary on the latest shows has made for unique entertainment.

The nation has been invited into the homes of complete strangers, but viewers soon learn a lot about the cast’s personalities as they laugh together, cry, and everything in between, making it easy to decide which family you love watching the most.

It has previously been reported that each household receives £1,500 a month for filming two six-hour shifts of a TV marathon.

Daily Star Online has looked into what the stars actually do for a living when they’re not huddled on the sofa.

From a dancer who's worked with the Black Eyed Peas to a London cabbie, this is what just a few of the Gogglebox stars get up to when the cameras stop rolling.

Pete and Sophie

Blackpool siblings Pete and Sophie Sandiford have been fan favourites since they joined the Channel 4 show back in 2018.

Despite still being relatively new to the show, the brother and sister duo have become phenomenally popular with their hilarious take on the week’s TV.

It appears that Pete and Sophie are just as close off-screen as well as onscreen where they share their views on the latest telly offerings.

Sophie works in retail as a shop window dresser and has previously shared clips on her Instagram with colleagues cleaning makeup stations before coronavirus lockdown measures were put in place.

Older brother Pete has a job in the insurance industry.

The siblings also have a surprising family connection after it was revealed that they are the niece and nephew of ChuckleVision legend Paul Chuckle.

The Malone family

The Malone family have a fabulous brood of dogs who are almost as famous as the family themselves.

Tom Senior, who is known for his iconic facial expressions, is a lorry driver when he is not sitting on the sofa, and his wife Julie is a receptionist and homemaker.

The couple have four children. Vanessa and Lee are yet to appear on the show but sons Tom Junior and Shaun are often spotted watching the telly with their parents.

Tom Jr is a freelance model and streetdance choreographer who’s performed with a host of big showbiz names including the Black Eyed Peas.

While Shaun used to be a stage actor in Billy Elliott until he turned to sport, coaching Manchester United’s Under-16s Ability Counts football team.

Giles and Mary

Googlebox's eccentric couple Giles Wood and Mary Kilen are known for their unique style and interesting comments on the latest telly offering.

The pair have become firm favourites with viewers of the show thanks to their bickering and hilarious one liners, not to mention their matching sofa and wallpaper.

Giles amuses viewers with his comments and interpretations of what the couple have been watching and often finishes every remark by saying Mary's name.

Giles is an artist and Mary is best known for being the Spectator’s resident agony aunt and wrote a book on etiquette – How the Queen Can Make You Happy – which was published in 2012.

They met when they were 21, while Giles was studying art and Mary was working as a model.

It has also been reported the pair are close friends with Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his sister Rachel.

Sue and Steve

Husband and wife duo Sue and Steve, both 64, first appeared on the show back in 2019 in series 14.

Steve works as a London cabbie and Sue is semi-retired.

Gogglebox set the tone for the couple’s appearance on the show as Steve whined about fetching his wife a large glass of wine from the kitchen adding “well you wouldn’t have anything else, would you.”

Brilliantly, Sue was quick to make her hubby line-up their glasses to ensure that she could take the larger glass.

The dynamic duo add plenty of charm and humour to the show with their playful banter.

Fans particularly loved Sue' impression as she pretended to be Star Wars character Jabba the Hutt while lounging on the sofa.

The Siddiqui family

When they’re not slouching on their comfy sofa, the Siddiqui sons work in IT. Baasit is an IT teacher and Umar is an IT technician.

Their dad Sid, a retired engineer, was born in Pakistan and moved to Derby when he was 16.

Sid qualified as a Power Engineer from the University of Derby and previously worked for the NHS for 37 years.

Umar has worked in the NHS as a Biomedical Scientist in Microbiology at the Royal Derby Hospital for close to 17 years.

And Baasit has been a teacher an in a secondary school since 2007.

Their other brother, estate agent Raza, occasionally appears when he has the time, and Baasit’s baby daughter has also made the odd appearance.

Sid has been married 37 years but his wife and two daughters never appear on camera because "they don’t like to be on TV".

The TV star has been missing from recent episodes, with many viewers taking to Twitter with their concerns.

But assuring fans he is absolutely fine, Sid tweeted: "Hi, good morning everyone thank you so much for so many well wishes. Apologies for not tweeting I have been a bit under the weather but I’m absolutely fine now and hopefully be with you soon on Googlebox Please take care and be safe."

Stephen and Daniel

Gogglebox veteran Stephen Webb has been on the show ever since series one, and has kept viewers entertained with his hilarious one liners.

But last year he was joined by his husband Daniel Lustig for the first time in their cosy Brighton home.

Stephen is a hairdresser and so is his other half. They own a salon together in Brighton called Lustig and Webb.

Stephen tied the knot with his partner Daniel Lustig in July 2018 after the pair got engaged in 2016.

Their romantic ceremony was held at the picturesque Chateau de Lisse in Lot-et-Garonne in France.

Stephen used to appear on Gogglebox alongside his best friend Chris Butland-Steed, who he once dated.

Paige and Sally

Paige and Sally joined Gogglebox for series 14 and they haven’t stopped entertaining us ever since whether it’s with Paige mispronouncing words or Sally judging her own daughter with a sideways look.

The mother and daughter duo live in Birmingham. and Paige, 23, works as a business development manager.

Mum Sally is aged 53 and cares for the disabled and the elderly.

Fans have loved Paige and Sally’s honest and frank chats about food, with Sally admitting that she has zero “portion control” when it comes to cooking and serving home meals.

Paige added that she’d hate leaving a meal still hungry as she’d have to "stop off for a cheeseburger".

Their thick Birmingham accents have hooked in fans while others simply wanted to know where the girls get their clothes from.

Dave and Shirley

Welsh couple David and Shirley, both in their 60s, have been married for 40 years and have two children together.

They joined the show in 2015 and film Gogglebox from the comfort of their own home in Caerphilly.

They've become popular for their comical and light-hearted bickering.

When they are not filming, David is a cleaner in a factory and Shirley works in retail.

Dave is also a keen baker on the side, so we won't rule out an appearance on Celebrity Bake Off in the future.

Dave's awkward sitting position always has viewers wondering why exactly he's laid down like that, as it looks like it's putting some serious strain on his neck.

However, he's addressed this with fans and told them "Don’t you worry about my seating position, I am more than comfortable! I do get up and stretch my legs."

Ellie and Izzi

Sisters Ellie and Izzi Warner debuted on Gogglebox in 2015 after Ellie was approached by an old friend who was casting for the show.

The duo now have nearly 100k followers on Instagram between them, which is hardly surprising as they make the perfect TV double act.

They are one of the most popular pairs on the show and regularly amuse viewers with their back and forth banter and obsession with food.

Mother-of-two Izzi describes herself on her Instagram page as an "aspiring domestic goddess" and a "part-time couch potato".

While sister Ellie is a hairdresser in Leeds.

The Gogglebox scenes are filmed at their family home where Ellie still lives, Izzi has her own flat which she shares with her five-year-old son Bobby and newborn girl Bessie Rose.

Gogglebox returns to Channel 4 on September 11 at 9pm

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