Good Morning Britain’s Richard Madeley opens up about ‘severe’ bullying experience

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Good Morning Britain presenter Richard Madeley has revealed he was so badly bullied at school that he felt a strong “sense of shame”.

Opening up during a debate about online bullying on the ITV morning show, the stand-in presenter told co-host Susanna Reid about his own horrible experience of being targeted as a teenager and how it made him feel.

Richard, 65, said: “I was at school long before social media and I got really badly bullied through the first two years of my Grammar School, when I was about 12 and 13 years old.”

He continued: “I dread to think what it would have been like had it we been online as well, it just would have been a nightmare going home and opening my laptop or my phone or whatever.”

Richard went on to say that he didn’t tell his teachers about being picked on, as he felt a “sense of shame”.

He added: “I didn’t report it either. It was a sense of shame, not so much fear, it was a sense of shame that I was being targeted.”

This isn’t the first time that Richard has opened up about the bullying he was forced to endure as a youngster.

During a separate frank discussion on an episode of Loose Men which aired earlier this year, Richard shed further light on his tough time at school and how he dealt with it.

He explained: “I was the victim of quite severe bullying at my first secondary school, it was an all boys Grammar School in the East End of London.”

Richard continued: ‘I didn’t really fit in. I was an outsider, and that’s very quickly picked up on when you’re in school.”

However, the star revealed it was much more than name calling, as he also suffered injuries when things got physical.

He said: “The bullying happened quite quickly and became quite intense. It was physical. It would be in the cloakroom and somebody would punch you in the face.”

The radio and TV star continued: “I’ve still got a broken nose from one blow that I had when I was about 13…”

“I let it happen to me. I was ashamed that I was being picked on. I didn’t know how to deal with it.”

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