Great British Bake Off 2020: Lottie gets first Hollywood Handshake of the year

Lottie Bedlow has set the standard and won the first Hollywood handshake of The Great British Bake Off 2020.

The 31-year-old earned Paul Hollywood’s highest honour in the first challenge of the day – creating florentine biscuits inspired by her grandmother.

In ultimate 2020 style, they were named ‘quarantine florentines’.

Looking stunned as Paul held out his hand, Lottie looked baffled as she accepted the handshake in front of the rest of the bakers.

Speaking to Noel Fielding after the moment, she played it cool and admitted that it actually kind of passed her by.

‘I felt nothing, I just felt very shocked,’ she admitted.

‘I’m not dead inside, I just went numb! I didn’t know what was happening.’

‘I’ve peaked for sure,’ Lottie added.

Fans were quick to congratulate Lottie for her achievement, which has become a staple moment on the series.

(And made everyone miss a time when we could actually have a handshake without a ton of anti-bac gel being used immediately after.)

However, while she got off to a cracking start, her mission wasn’t over as there was the technical to face, as well as the all important showstopper.

For this year’s biscuit week, they had to make macaroons for the technical challenge, followed by a showstopper where they made a table setting entirely out of biscuits.

Want to give them a go? We’ve got the recipes right here for you.

Great British Bake Off continues Tuesdays at 8pm on Channel 4.

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