Greg Admits He Is "Pretty Ashamed" of How He Treated Katie During Their Massive 'Bachelorette' Fight

As a recovering #GrippoGirl, imagine my absolute DISMAY to see Gregory Thee Grippo straight up act a fool with Katie Thurston during their massive onscreen breakup on The Bachelorette season 17. Yes, could Katie have responded differently when Greg poured his heart out, sure. And at the same time, homeboy didn’t have to take it to the level it went.

But there has recently been a redeeming moment, and I, for one, am *thrilled* to see it. Greg spoke out last week about his actions during his breakup with Katie on former Bachelor Nick Viall’s podcast The Viall Files. Essentially, Greg admitted that he’s done “a lot of reflecting” and “soul searching,” and he “was pretty ashamed” of his behavior and the entire ordeal.

“I was obviously way too harsh on her in those moments in that room, but it was just the way that we were talking to each other in those moments,” said Greg. “I wasn’t communicating well at all. My head was wrapped up in it not being [about] the show, which [was] what we were in. It’s really hard to pinpoint it for me. I just felt like I couldn’t read her in that moment, and it just didn’t feel like we were on the same page.”

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JIC you forgot about ~what went down~, here’s a super quick refresh: Greg was a frontrunner for Katie (hello first impression rose, and *two* one-on-ones)…and the audience, let’s be real. But after hometowns, the pair got into an enormous fight that lasted days. The blowup ended with Greg deciding to leave the show and abruptly going home. (Get the full scoop on the fight riiiight here if you’re itching for all the deets.)

“Looking back on it, watching for the second time with all the viewers, yeah, I came off like an ass,” he said, noting that he wasn’t seeing the situation from Katie’s POV. “I came off like a petulant child at times. I regret it because she didn’t deserve that. I definitely projected a lot of my insecurities and my anger on her. At the end of the day, it wasn’t fair to her.”

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Greg admitted that he hated watching the fight back and that no one should excuse his behavior. “It was very immature for me and I never want people to try to justify how I acted, because you can’t normalize that behavior, especially talking to a woman like that,” he said. “It was hard to watch back and I was pretty ashamed of it all. And again, it’s humbling to realize I need to step away from this and know that I can do so much better.”

Greg also acknowledged that his and Katie’s connection likely stemmed from a trauma bond, which probs wasn’t the healthiest even though it was vulnerable. But hindsight is key.

“It wasn’t healthy and you shouldn’t rely on anybody for your own happiness,” Greg said. “That, sadly, you know, [is] what I feel like I did at the end there, and I want to get into a place where I am truly happy [and] I don’t need to depend on anyone else to be a healthy relationship.”

I’m not mad at someone who can self-reflect and take responsibility! Hopefully Greg will indeed be better after this.

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