Hannah B. Tearfully Said She Might Have Misjudged Luke P. in This Insane 'Bachelorette' Clip

Major Bachelorette spoilers ahead!

Last week on The Bachelorette, “Always Be Cam” turned out to be the worst advice anyone could ever spew (shocker) because Cam went home after stringing together a bunch of sad stories and interrupting Mike and his perfectly groomed eyebrows during a really serious 1:1. Also, Luke P. continued to be the creepiest and clingiest dude in the room, which Hannah B. absolutely did not appreciate. In an exclusive clip from next week’s episode, Hannah broke down crying over Luke P.’s actions and the other guys ended up calling him a “psychopath” because of how he acted during a rugby match.

The video obtained by People starts out with Luke P. starring someone down and running really fast across the field. Already, his level of physical prowess is haunting! Can we please pan back to John Paul Jones eating chicken nuggets? Anyway, as Luke P. showcased his athletic abilities, another dude said, “Luke P. is super aggressive. That guy’s a beast.” Then, Luke S. (TBH, IDK who he even is yet) was like, “The kind of guy that might hurt someone.” Dun dun duuuunnn!!!

Then (!!), Luke P. tackled someone, the ambulance came, and Hannah looked extremely concerned. And back at le mansion, as the other guys went on about how he’s a “lunatic,” “violent,” “aggressive,” and a “psychopath,” Luke P. clenched his fists and was like, “I’m not threatened by anybody, especially you.” Yes, that is definitely helping your case, Luke P.!

As while all this was going on, the camera flashed back to Hannah, who was full-on crying and saying, “I worry I misjudged…I can’t even trust my feelings.” Yikes. Almost makes you want to look at modeling photos of Tyler C. to forget all about it.

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