Harry and William rift ‘not permanent’ despite explosive Netflix claim

Prince Harry and William rift 'won't last forever' says host

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Harry & Meghan concludes on Thursday, December 15 with three final episodes which will include a number of claims and stories from the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s experience within the Royal Family and their subsequent exit. Netflix has released a trailer for the new episodes in which Harry claims “they lied to protect my brother”, teeing up an explosive account of his view on the Palace. Harry and Prince William’s bond has long been reported to be in tatters given Harry’s exit from royal life but in the US, The View host Joy Behar thinks it’ll all blow over.

Joy was joined by co-hosts Sunny Hostin, Ana Navarro and Sara Haines for the discussion about Harry & Meghan on a recent episode of the ABC talk show. 

Sunny said of the series: “I started it, they have a beautiful love story. He loves her.”

Sara then commented: “They really do. So you could always really tell that he loved her but I really got a sense of what swept her away in a way that I hadn’t yet. 

“I had also said the other day that they wanted privacy and I think what I’m understanding a little more is they just wanted to be able to tell their own story.”

“They wanna own their own narrative,” Sunny jumped in to defend Prince Harry and Meghan before Sara continued.

She went on: “And when you watch it, there was so much of the sacrifice that each made. 

“She left her life to be with his and then he left his to save hers and theirs. I think the love was beautiful but also it was so sad watching Harry and William when they were little. 

“I never… the royal life has never appealed to me, it’s never been offered to me honestly… but when you watch them, the dead look on their face, they said that’s on purpose because if you smile as Meghan did early on as an American celebrity, they think you like it. 

“But in the pictures, they stare and they look like zoo animals,” Sara concluded before Sunny agreed: “And they’re trained not to react, they said.”

However, Ana was quick to turn her attention to the rift now evident between the two royal brothers.

“I have to say look, we’ve seen – first, I was struck by their love story,” she began. “Second of all, I was shocked about how shocked he was about the racial component. 

“Nobody who lives in a Hispanic skin or an Afro-Latina skin is shocked by the fact that there is racism, but Harry has lived as a white royal in England, right? 

“You know, we’ve had the Oprah interview talking about feeling victimised and not defended by the Royal Family. We have the podcast, we have the Netflix series, there’s a book coming out…

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“And to me – [while pointing at her co-hosts] you’re an only child, you’re an only child, you have a brother – I have a brother who died,

“And if there’s something I could take back, if there’s something I could redo in my life it would be to spend more time with my brother and this rift to me between the two brothers is so incredibly sad.”

While Ana found the Prince of Wales and Duke of Sussex’s fraught bond upsetting, Joy had a different point of view.

“I don’t think it’s permanent, I really don’t,” The View host weighed in. “But I found this show boring, frankly. Sorry to say.”

While Harry did refer to his brother in the first three episodes of the documentary, he stopped short of anything too damning.

However, the trailer for the final three episodes suggests the Duke won’t hold back with his view on the Palace and his family. 

Both Kensington and Buckingham Palace have declined to comment on the series, although they have denied they were approached for comment when the series was being made.

Harry & Meghan part 1 is available to stream on Netflix now. Part 2 premieres on Thursday, December 15.

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