Harry Redknapp in trouble with Sandra over Saturday Kitchen roly-poly? ’She’d storm off!’

Harry Redknapp makes comical comment about Sandra

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Matt Tebbutt hosted Saturday Kitchen this weekend and welcomed celebrity guest Harry Redknapp onto the BBC cooking show. While chatting on the show, Harry confessed he doesn’t usually do any cooking himself, but praised his wife Sandra as a good chef. However, later in the programme the footballing legend may have got himself in trouble with his Mrs after trying some of Matt’s jam roly-poly.

While on the show, Harry took part in the Food Heaven or Food Hell challenge which sees viewers vote for which dish the celebrity guest will try at the end of the programme.

Harry revealed his Food Heaven was a classic sweet dish – jam roly-poly with custard.

Meanwhile, his Food Hell was pigeon with broccoli as he explained: “We raced pigeons when I grew up. I couldn’t eat them.”

Luckily viewers were kind to Harry and voted for him to get his beloved dessert instead.

He explained that his wife Sandra often makes the dish for him and has a top secret recipe.

Matt was intrigued to know why it was Harry’s favourite dish and asked: “So, jam roly-poly, is this a thing that Sandra introduced to you?”

Harry explained: “No my nan used to make it when I was growing up and so we used to have the sweets.

“You know, spotted dick and custard, jam roly-poly and she’d make lovely apple pies,” he added.

Matt began cooking the dish and describing to the viewers at home what ingredient he was using.

“So, I don’t know how Sandra makes it because obviously as you said it’s a closely guarded secret,” the TV chef remarked.

Harry chimed in, saying: “Nor do I. I just eat it!”

Matt laughed at Harry’s comment and added: “It’s a closely guarded secret because you’ve never asked.”

After tasting Matt’s take on the classic dessert, Harry exclaimed: “It’s fantastic!”

“It’s not Sandra’s though is it?” Matt replied, teasing the football star.

Harry explained that he couldn’t possibly say whether or not it was better than his wife’s cooking.

He revealed: “The only trouble I’ve got Matt is if I said yours was better than Sandra’s, next time I say ‘How about a bit of jam roly-poly?’ she’ll go ‘Get Matt to make it!’”

“She’d storm off!” Matt joked, while laughing at the idea of Harry getting in trouble.

“Oh yeah,” Harry said in agreement “That’s going to be the problem.”

“I wouldn’t want that to happen. I wouldn’t want that to happen,” Matt responded.

Saturday Kitchen airs Saturdays at 10am on BBC One.

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