His Dark Materials season 2 cast: Who is in the cast of His Dark Materials?

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His Dark Materials season two will arrive on the BBC on November 8 and fans have been waiting a long time to find out what happens next for Lyra (played by Dafne Keen). As Lyra is grieving for her friend Roger (Lewin Lloyd) she enters an alternative world where she meets Will Parry (Amir Wilson). The familiar and new faces of season two have spoken exclusively to Express.co.uk and other media about their roles.

Who is in the cast of His Dark Materials?

Lyra Belacqua – Dafne Keen

Lyra is one of the main characters in the series and she is on a mission to discover the truth about her family.

She was lied to by her Lord Asriel (James McAvoy) who had claimed to be her uncle – but he turned out to be her father and Marisa Coulter (Ruth Wilson) her mother. So in season two she must learn to trust again as she meets Will Parry in another world.

Madrid-born actress Keen, 15, said she was most excited to explore Lyra’s more vulnerable side.

She said: “She’s mostly very outgoing, she hides her pain like that, and in season two we really get to see this more introverted version of Lyra which I thought was really interesting.

“I’m completely alone and I love how you suddenly see her in this really horrible place, and you see Will in this really horrible place, and you see how they finally complete each other.”

Will Parry – Amir Wilson

Will was introduced in season one, a lot earlier than his first appearance in Philip Pullman’s books which inspired the series.

He is from Earth and his father was an explorer, who ended up going missing and he was left to take care of his mother Elaine (Nina Sosanya).

At the end of the first season, he attempts to escape the clutches oft he Magisterium and ends up in the same world as Lyra, where he realises he is more deeply connected to the alternate world than he realised.

Amir Wilson, 16, is known for his roles as the lead character in The Letter for the King, and The Secret Garden.

Speaking about which part of the books he was excited to bring to life to the screen, he said: “All the stuff with the knife is very cool.” Will is known to locate the Subtle Knife in the books which helps Lord Asriel.

Marisa Coulter – Ruth Wilson

Marisa Coulter is introduced in the first season as one of the main antagonists and she turns out to be the former lover of Lord Asriel.

At first, Lyra does not understand why Mrs Coulter has taken such an interest in her but it is later revealed she is actually Lyra’s mother.

Lyra spent the whole of the first season trying to escape her mother’s grasp, and she continues to do so in season two.

Ruth Wilson is an English actress who is known for her role as Alice Morgan in Luther, and Mrs Wilson.

The 38-year-old also starred in the Showtime drama The Affair, and she won Best Actress for her role in Anna Christie in 2012.

Dr Mary Malone – Simone Kirby

An exciting new character in season two is professor Mary Malone, who is a university professor within Will’s universe.

She helps Lyra understand the concept of ‘dust’, or ‘dark matter’, and she is a highly intelligent and wise character.

Simone Kirby is an Irish actress who is known for her roles in Jimmy’s Hall and Peaky Blinders.

She said she was excited to be joining the cast of season two, adding: “It was lovely joining a big family, there was a huge crew.

“There were only a few people I got to work with as Mary’s story is so singular, I used to just wander around sets and see what they were doing.”

Speaking about her character she said: “She’s a complex person, I had read the books years ago and I felt like I understood her, her kind of struggle with spirituality and science and logic.”

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Colonel John Parry – Andrew Scott

Fans will finally get to meet John Parry, Will’s dad who was only mentioned by name in the first season. John had gone missing while on a mission and the Magisterium believes he may know more about ‘dust’ than his family lets on.

His character is played by Andrew Scott, an Irish award-winning actor who is best known for his roles in Fleabag and Sherlock.

Speaking about what it was like to work with Scott, actor Wilson said: “It was an honour, I told my group of friends Andrew Scott was going to pay my dad and they said ‘oh, that’s the hot priest [from Fleabag].

“I had seen him in Spectre and I met him for the first time on set and we had such a good time.”

Also returning to the cast of season two is Ariyon Bakare Lord Carlo Boreal, a member of the Magisterium who flits between worlds.

Bakare said: “I think you will see a much more vulnerable site to Lord Boreal this time. It’s quite an exciting journey for him.”

Joining the season two cast is Terence Stamp as Giacomo Paradisi, a mysterious man in a tower, Jade Anouka as the queen of another witch clan Ruta Skadi and Bella Ramsey as Angelica.

His Dark Materials airs on BBC One on Sunday, November 8 at 8.10pm

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