Holby City spoilers: Sacha's new relationship exposed, Max wages war on hospital board and Cameron dumps Nicky

AS the hospital soap comes back into real time and Holby City struggles with the demands of the coronavirus pandemic, fans are in for a big week of shocks.

1. Sacha's love life is laid on the table for all to see

Now that Holby City has caught up time wise, it means that Sasha's controversial relationship with new kid on the block, Jodie, has intensified.

His colleagues will learn about their affair after Jodie turns up at the hospital and spills the beans.

Following Sasha's web of lies and grieving over Essie's death, while pushing away those dearest to him, everyone around him is worried he will get sloppy at work and a sick patient will pay the price.

Jac decides to do something about Sacha's surliness and goes for a tough love approach.

She wants to know everything about Jodie and is very honest about how much she hates the way he's been acting.

Donna then invites him to go a bereavement group with her.

2. Cameron is a Covid superstar

Cameron is riding high after getting loads of attention for his amazing work during the Covid crisis.

His efforts are even featured in a fancy medical magazine.

Everybody adores Cameron now from patients to other doctors, but one person is not happy.

That' his secret paramour, Nicky, who wants the world to know about their relationship.

But Nicky is about to be bitterly disappointed, because Cameron is using his new found fame to get back closer to Chloe.

Chloe innocently says yes, which Cameron uses as a sign to dump Nicky.

3. Hansenn's running the hospital Hunger Games

The no nonsense Hansenn drops a huge bombshell to the poor junior doctors who have only just found their feet the hospital

Josh, Skylar and Jeong are bending over backwards to proves their worth,but Hanssen shocks them by admitting the hospital can only take on one full-time doctor at the end of the placement.

It's now game on between the ambitious doctors to get their hands on the coveted spot.

4. Jac's mystery man

Kian becomes very suspicious when Jac goes out of her to treat a patient.

He notices a connection between them and Jac admits she met the man named Clayton during her at psychiatric unit last year.

When Clayton's condition becomes worse, Jac takes some pretty big risks to help him.

But it could cost her and affect her secret relationship with Kian.

5. Max takes on the board

The hospital's CEO, Max, really wants to sort out the staffing problem and goes out on a limb.

She gets irritated by the board seemingly not caring about the problem and takes matter into her own hands.

But will it cost her in the long run?

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