Holly and Phil gobsmacked as Spin to Win contestant asks them to call back later

Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield were totally floored when a contestant they called to play money-making game Spin to Win told them to call back later – and then hung up.

Joe even said the key passphrase to qualify for the tense This Morning content before leaving the pair stunned.

He wasn't ready and something had come up so told Holly and Phil to try again in a while.

Joe even told them where he was from before suddenly shouting: "Can you call me back in two minutes please?"

He then hung up the phone leaving the pair lost for words.

Gobsmacked, Phil joked: "This is national television, Joe!" but it was too late – he was already gone.

The host then said that they would air a pre-recorded competition video instead and then return to him as soon as they could.

But Joe had a good reason to put off the competition, which can earn viewers up to £3,000.

Phil cheekily demanded: "What the hell was that all about?!"

Joe explained that he had to see to his wife and told the duo: "Because I was dealing with my wife and she’s not very well, she has motor neurone disease."

"Aww," Holly responded, as Phil said that was "the best excuse ever", and said he couldn't blame him for hanging up.

Joe went on to scoop £1,000 and wanted the pair to give a shout out to his wife.

"Could we please say hello to Susan, his wife. She's a massive fan of the show and she watches every day," Phillip announced after losing the contestant for a second time.

Viewers at home certainly loved the bizarre exchange.

"Imagine asking ITV to work to your schedule," one person tweeted.

"He told them to call back that's epic TV," another said.

A third wrote: "Bless Joe, glad he made his priorities clear and made sure his wife was okay but gutted he didn’t win the jackpot!"

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