Holly Willoughby giggles as she admits she ditches knickers when she goes to bed

Holly Willoughby struggled to maintain her composure when talking about pants and what she wears to bed.

On This Morning, Holly and Phil were discussing what they wear at night with guests Nick Ferrari and Giles Brandreth.

They were discussing a podcast hosted by Susanna Constantine, who was joined by Women's Hour presenter Emma Barnett on My Wardrobe Malfunction.

The podcast chat was about whether it's acceptable to wear pants under pyjamas in bed.

Holly said Susanna sometimes does, but Emma Barnett was resolute that knickers should always been worn under PJ's.

Nick Ferrari joked that he dresses like someone from A Christmas Carol with a full nightgown and cap.

Holly said she was now picturing that mental image, much to Nick's delight.

"Fresh air, please!" joked Holly.

Philip pressed for answers: "Holly, you started this!"

She squirmed: "Well, I didn't start this!"

"You did! Pants under the pyjamas or no pants?" he pushed.

"A big t-shirt…. No pants. No pants! Stop making me say no pants on the TV!" she squealed as she collapsed into giggles.

"No pants please, we're British" said Giles.

One viewer tweeted: "You made me laugh out loud today. The #nopants segment was quite hilarious! And you both look quite lovely today. Onwards and Upwards! So far so good!"

Giles Brandreth joked that he lets it all hang out in bed.

"I imagine sleeping naked is one of the freedoms of night. My wife insists on the lights being turned off" he said.

Phil burst out laughing as Giles started rearranging the sofa.

"She sort of moved the pillows like bolsters in the bed. That's why I'm staying on until your Swedish sex advisor later" joked Giles. He also said he's a fan of waxing.

"The whole point of going to bed is freedom" insisted Giles.

"Thank you, everyone" giggled Holly as she struggled to stop laughing.

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