Holly Willoughby stunned as psychic claims she'll invent cutting-edge technology to transform children's books forever

HOLLY Willoughby has been told by a psychic that she'll invent "cutting-edge technology" that will transform children's books forever.

Psychic astrologist Jessica – who claims to have predicted coronavirus a year before it hit – gave her verdict on what the future holds for the This Morning presenter.

"I know you've done children's books and working with your sister," she told Holly on today's show.

"When we're looking at your future, we're looking at children's books getting converted into cutting edge technology.

"Even though this is a long time ago, it's coming back and it's the kind of technology that enables you to walk around inside your book."

Surprised Holly replied: "Oh amazing, very specific. We'll see if that all comes true."

And after being asked by Phillip what Jessica thought about his future plans, she said: "There is a second book for you Phillip. It's different from the first one – a bit more personal."

This weekend Phillip memoir Life's What You Make It made the Sunday Times' best sellers list this weekend.

He wrote the explosive tell-all book during lockdown after coming out as gay.

Stunned Phillip shouted: "A bit more personal? I'm writing something that's more personal? No chance!"

Jessica laughed: "Could it get more personal?

"It looks like a cross between a little black book and a diary and it'll be very successful, of course."

Quizzed on when the virus will end and whether families will be able to spend Christmas together, Jessica added: "It depends on next year, but it could be a case of elimination. Zero cases for 28 days.

"Towards the end of next year, you could see Scotland do her own thing, or Wales could be open to each other first.

"We are all going to be in festive bubbles with a Gavin and Stacey feel, actually.

"The people you are with this Christmas are the people you are with all next year. There are some good things about this."

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