Hollyoaks fans disgusted at Cher Winters' twisted revenge on Mercedes McQueen after stillbirth

HOLLYOAKS viewers were shocked at Cher McQueen's sick revenge against fan favourite Mercedes.

Wednesday’s first-look episode saw Cher reach new levels of evil as the battle between the McQueens continued.

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In the episode, Mercedes thought she was pregnant, but was left devasted when the pregnancy test came back as negative.

Viewers saw a traumatised Mercedes remembering her stillborn baby, Gabriel.

As Mercedes brought out her memory box she'd created with some of Gabriel’s things, Cher stole it with the intent to set it alight.

Cher was furious to learn that Mercedes thought she was capable of murdering policeman George Kiss.

Fortunately, Liberty intervened and reminded Cher how vulnerable her stepmother Mercedes is.

However, Cher used this vulnerability to torment Mercedes in a new and twisted revenge plan.

Cher later told dad Sylver that the box was in the kitchen the whole time and then began playing baby crying noises off her phone while standing outside The Dog pub.

But Cher was hidden out of sight, meaning she got away with the wicked stunt.

Mercedes frantically searched upstairs, checking all the rooms and looking outside the window, but could not see Cher or any sign of a baby.

Fans took to Twitter to share their horror at Cher’s evil actions, with one writing: “Cher you too damm evil girl”.

Another penned: “Cher taking that memory box to sell is so disgusting, only thing Mercedes has of the baby she lost #Hollyoaks Cher messing with Mercedes like that”.

A third said: “Cher is pure evil #Hollyoaks”.

A fourth wrote: “Cher is such a selfish cow, I’m sorry but she’s being so self-centred."

Will Cher’s vendetta against Mercedes ever end?

What other trouble does Cher have in store for our favourite landlady?

Hollyoaks continues on Channel 4 at 6:30pm with a first-look on E4 at 7pm.

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