Hollyoaks far right terrorist bombing story will get even WORSE for Ste says show boss – The Sun

HOLLYOAKS viewers are set for more heartbreak as Ste Hay's involvement with the extreme right-wing group continues to spiral out of control.

Despite coming to the realisation he is being groomed by the far-right group, producer Bryan Kirkwood revealed it isn't over for the character just yet.

He told Digital Spy: "This week's episodes are the turning point for Ste, where he realises he's been groomed and discovers the power and depth of Stuart and Jonny's hatred.

"Where Ste goes next is an equally important part of the story. This goes back to our earlier research – once you realise you've been groomed, how do you de-radicalise yourself? We have to show judgement in how much more the audience wants to see of such a powerful story.

"I'm aware that people might say it's a tough watch. There'll be a couple of months, with two or three big chapters, before the end of the story."

Viewers were left fearing for Ste's life after he failed to escape the far right group earlier this week.

The groomed racist – who is played by actor Kieron Richardson in the Channel 4 soap – was snapped out of the brain washing from Stuart and Johnny's far right thugs after they blew up the house and almost killed neighbour Yaz Maalik.

However, when we tried to escape the gang, Stuart told him he would frame him for the explosion as he did with Dave.

The emotional scene led fans to believe that Stuart would rather kill Ste than let him expose the racists.

One wrote: "Chances of them not killing Ste to keep him quiet? #hollyoaks".

A second said: "'I just want to go home' My heart is breaking for Ste ?? #Hollyoaks"

But it isn't completely over for Ste altogether after growing to realise he is being manipulated by the group.

Taking to Twitter, viewers expressed their relief over the characters sudden realisation.

A fan said: "Ste has FINALLY seen the light #Hollyoaks."

Another wrote: "Caught up with tonight's #Hollyoaks and I'm glad Ste has finally realised what's been happening to him. #grooming #LoveMusicHateRacism".

Earlier this week, Johnny accidentally set the bomb off in the garden of their house.He had planned to blow up The Loft, killing the Maalik family and their guests for Sami and Sinead's engagement party but Ste tried to stop him.

It emerged the explosion had left Yaz deaf, and when Ste tried to help her Johnny forced him back inside.

When the Maaliks arrived back, doctor Misbah jumped straight in to treat both Yaz and Johnny – despite his vile comments to her because she is Muslim.

Later Stuart summoned the gang to the garage to make sure they all kept their mouth shut while he works out a plan to get them out of it.

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