Home and Away Lyrik motive ‘exposed’ – exit twist, huge returns and fan backlash

Home and Away fans are sure they know a secret or two about the Australian soap’s band, Lyrik.

The four-piece band was recently introduced to audiences with a connection to Felicity, and though some fans are begging for full tracks of their music to be released, others aren’t so sure about the latest arrivals to Summer Bay.

Some might not know, however, that some of Lyrik’s music is actually performed live on the show, with other tracks pre-recorded by the stars.

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Remi Carter star Adam Rowland told Yahoo! Lifestyle: “We do a mixture of both [pre-recorded and live] actually. Every song we play, we learn, we work together with our team that runs all the music. And depending on the shoot and what we’re trying to shoot, we’ll play with playback.

“Other times, especially with the guitar, I’ll just play the track which is great."

Each of the actors auditioned for each role in the band to find the right “vibe”, rotating around each character during the initial casting process.

But what could their true purpose in Summer Bay be? We’ve done some digging.

Theo exit twist

Some fans are certain that the band’s arrival could signal a huge exit twist for Theo Poulos – especially after actor Matt Evans teased a big move to Hollywood.

Theo joins the band as Bob leaves, blowing them away during the audition process.

And for actor Matt, who was initially a contestant on The Voice, performing seems a breeze.

Taking to Twitter to air their theories, one fan penned: “I’ve noticed that they write in characters, e.g. the band, to give other characters a way to leave, e.g. Theo.

“Don’t think Lyrik are permanent. They have a purpose and when they leave they’ll take someone else with them. That’s my prediction at this early stage.”

It comes after Matt teased an exit to take up a Hollywood career, as he explained to TV WEEK, he explained: “Obviously I have plans when it comes to moving to the US and giving the States a go and seeing what I can do over there.

"I have a great agent and everything set up there, so that was always [the plan], otherwise I feel like I would be wondering 'what if?'

“I still feel so comfortable and at home on Home and Away. There's already that anxiety building in me of leaving the place and having to go and fend for myself and [I'm thinking]: 'What if I never work again?’” he added.

But it looks like fans won’t have to say goodbye to Theo any time soon, as Matt confirmed that he’s happy “for the next few years” in Australia.

Phoebe return

Other fans are certain that Lyrik’s presence could mean other characters returning, including Phoebe Nicholson, played by Isabella Giovinazzo.

One eagle-eyed fan begged writers to ditch the newcomers entirely and instead focus their storylines on returning characters, penning: “Bring back Tori and Christian, Brody, Phoebe, and a return for Emma Jackson! Irene’s kids need to visit!”

The user added: “Axe Lyrik, Rose, Xander, Cash and Felicity – no-one likes them!”

Written out

Though some fans are loving the musical interludes injected into the Aussie soap, others are more put out by Lyrik’s presence and want them gone.

Tweeting through their fury, one angry viewer said: “Please write Lyrik out ASAP so they leave during the season finale! The storyline is awful.

“For once read social media, listen to fans and give us what we want! #HomeAndAway.”

Someone else then followed up: “Lyrik are awful (from a UK viewer)!”

“See, even UK viewers aren’t happy about this storyline,” a third echoed, as they begged: “Please listen to the fans!”


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