‘Hope they don’t get rid of us’ Linda Robson speaks out on Loose Women shake-up

Linda Robson says she 'forgot about her coil' for 25 years

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Earlier this year, Andrea McLean announced she would be leaving Loose Women after 13 years. The TV presenter decided to step down from her role as a panellist because she wanted to try new things. Shortly after Andrea’s announcement, Saira Khan also made the decision to leave the ITV chat show after five years of being a regular panellist. It was later announced that news presenter Charlene White would be replacing Andrea to front Loose Women. Ever since, producers have introduced new panellists onto the programme including the likes of Paris Fury and Frankie Bridge and now, in an exclusive interview with Express.co.uk, Linda, who has been a firm favourite on the show since 2012, opened up about her future as a panellist.

Despite admitting to loving the shake-up of presenters, the Birds of a Feather actress hopes show bosses don’t get rid of the regular panellists.

“I think it’s good that they keep mixing it up, we’ve got new Loose Women,” Linda began.

“We’ve got the regulars like myself, Kaye [Adams], Nadia [Sawalha], Carol [McGiffin], Denise [Welch], we are the old ones that have been there for a long time.” 

She continued: “Then we have the new ones like Frankie Bridge and Katie Piper.

“They are both great and we have Judi Love. I love Judi.

“It’s been nice changing it around a bit,” Linda admitted, although did hint there was an air of apprehension about her future.

Addressing her own place on the panel, she quipped: “I just hope they don’t get rid of us old ones.”

Discussing her love for the job, Linda explained: “I love it, it’s like it has never felt like a proper job.”

“It was like acting was my proper job,” she added. “I started off doing it just because I lived nearby.

 “And gradually, I started to become a regular on there. I look forward to going to work.”

Linda went on to discuss how she felt when Charlene took over from Andrea to front the programme.

The actress admitted her first thoughts were that Charlene was going to be a bit “too newsy”.

She said: “At first, I thought she was going to be a bit too newsy and she was at first, but now she has lightened up.

“For her, she has always done the serious stuff but now she is really enjoying it and she has relaxed.

“She has been absolutely lovely and a great anchor as well.

“They’re the one that’s got the tough job of getting us all to speak and making sure we all get our turn.”


The 63-year-old, who is renowned for speaking her mind on Loose Women, said she loves being on the show because as panellists, they can be “honest about everything”.

She also pointed out there is never a topic “out of bounds” as they “talk about anything” they can.

“There’s never been a topic where we’d go, ‘Oh, I’m not talking about that’,” the host admitted.

“I don’t know a lot about politics but then they are a lot of people sitting at home that don’t, so I’d ask the questions they would ask.”

Loose Women airs weekdays at 12.30pm on ITV.

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