House of the Dragon season 2: Showrunner teases Rhaenyra’s revenge

House of the Dragon: HBO teases thrilling season finale

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HBO’s gripping fantasy series House of the Dragon, left viewers on the edge of their seats as the finale came to a jaw-dropping close. With many eagerly awaiting its season two release, the showrunner Sara Hess dropped a major teaser about the upcoming plot.

House of the Dragon met its epic finale with the shocking death of Rhaenyra Targaryen’s (played by Emma D’Arcy) son Lucerys (Elliot Grihault). 

Although Aemond Targaryen (Ewan Mitchell) was responsible for his death, his shocked face pointed to it being a complete accident. 

Rhaenyra was also met with the news of her brother Aegon II (Tom Glynn-Carney) had been sworn in as king, even though she was next in line for the throne.

Filled with anger and hurt from the betrayal, the showrunner Sara Hess confirmed Rhaenyra would be out for revenge. 

Fans who have read George RR Martin’s novel Fire and Blood have an insight into what season two could entail, however, the adaptation was only referring back to the book as source material. 

Despite this, many of its readers will recall Blood and Cheese, the term which sent shivers down spines as it signified the horrifying vengeance yet to come. 

Blood and Cheese was the nickname of two characters who carried out the revenge plot against Queen Alicent Hightower (Olivia Cooke).

Aemond II and the Greens fell victim to the retribution on behalf of Rhaenyra and her husband Prince Daemon (Matt Smith).

Sara confirmed season two would feature its own version of the Blood and Cheese brutal  revenge, which will likely be what Daemon described as “An eye for an eye, a son for a son.”

When asked if the infamous Blood and Cheese storyline would be adapted for season two, she revealed: “We are currently writing the finale of season two.

“I don’t think you will be disappointed,” she told Variety. 

Thankfully for fans, HBO has already confirmed the upcoming season, but they will be in for a wait as it’s expected to be released in 2024. 

Viewers are eager to see the Blood and Cheese plot with many expecting it to put the notorious Red Wedding episode to shame. 

Although the Game of Thrones franchise is known for its graphic and jaw-dropping scenes, none have stood out as much as the season nine episode. 

Fans were watching in glee as Edmure Tully’s (Tobias Menzies) and Roslin Frey’s (Alexandra Dowling) wedding celebrations took place.

However, the festivities were short-lived as the wedding turned into a massacre with numerous fatalities. 

The scenes had a shocking amount of graphic violence which killed off a number of established characters with no warning, sparking a major fan frenzy. 

While the Blood and Cheese plot is yet to be seen, many are anticipating a similar amount of shock factor. 

With Rhaenyra exacting revenge on people she considered family, the vengeance will have a personal twist. 

House of the Dragon is available to stream on HBO in the US and on NOW TV in the UK.

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