How many episodes will there be of The 39 Steps on Netflix?

ACADEMY Award nominee Benedict Cumberbatch is set to star in Netflix series the 39 steps.

Though the full cast list is yet to be revealed, Netflix has already confirmed some star-studded names are set to feature both in-front and behind the camera in the adaptation of the 1935 Alfred Hitchcock classic, based on John Buchan’s thriller novel.

How many episodes will there be of The 39 Steps on Netflix?

The rights to the series went on sale in early 2021, with Netflix said to be very keen on a deal.

As of February, the streaming giants had confirmed they had purchased the rights to The 39 steps, with Anonymous Content, Chapter One Pictures and SunnyMarch all contributing on the production front.

According to Deadline reports, there will be approximately six episodes all set to run four an hour at a time.

Shooting is likely to begin in Europe as of 2022, when cast scheduling calendars look considerably clearer.

What is The 39 steps about?

The 39 steps documents the tale of Richard Hannay, a Canadian man on holiday in London, before he is eventually embroiled in drama with an international spy ring.

After agent Annabella Smith is killed in Hannay's apartment, he travels to Scotland to evade the police who want to charge him with Smith's murder.

Hannay then takes it upon himself to attempt to complete the late spy's work in uncovering corruption after he reveals that the head of an organisation is planning to sell the secret of a British ballistic missile.

Who is in the 39 Steps on Netflix?

Though Netflix have remained coy on the majority of cast members, but have revealed that Doctor Strange star Benedict Cumberbatch will take a lead role.

Cumberbatch will also be an executive producer for the limited series with his producing partner Adam Ackland as part of their company – SunnyMarch.

The 39 steps boasts an experienced crew behind the camera, with Emmy-nominated director Edward Berger sitting in the hot seat for the series.

Berger has previous alongside Cumberbatch, the duo joining forces in the critically-acclaimed Patrick Melose.

Mark L. Smith has writing responsibilities, with the Academy award-nominated The Revenant the most notable of his previous work.

When will The 39 Steps be released on Netflix?

Given production is not set to start until 2022, a release date is not expected anytime soon.

2023 is the most likely time of release at the moment.


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