How will Ozark season 4 end?

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Ozark has been confirmed to end following the release of season four. Set to air in late-2021, the Netflix show will wrap up the ongoing crime drama. Fans have offered their thoughts on how the story will come to an end. 

How will Ozark season 4 end?

Production on the fourth and final season of Ozark is already well underway, with fans gearing up for the last time they will see the beloved characters.

With no firm release date, trailer, or even a synopsis for season four, it’s hard to piece together just what will happen for the last season.

With production on season four scheduled to wrap in September 2021, the earliest fans should expect the fourth season is late-2021 or early 2022.

By the end of season three, the Byrde family are in their toughest spot yet, especially after one shocking death during the finale.

Helen Pierce (played by Janet McTeer) paid Omar Navarro (Felix Solis) a visit with Wendy (Laura Linney) and Marty (Jason Bateman).

The encounter didn’t end well for Helen, with the character being shot, ending the season on a bleak note.

The stakes are therefore higher than ever and with episode one of season four titled The Beginning of the End, the show looks set to be heading towards an explosive finale.

Marty and Wendy’s plot to beat Navarro didn’t go as planned, meaning they will have to look for another alternative in season four.

Fans have been discussing what they think could happen, with many of them taking to Reddit to discuss its potential twists and turns.

On the official Ozark subreddit, one fan said: “No way Marty makes it out of this alive.

“His whole thing has been doing all of this for his family. His entire character arc has been leading to him sacrificing himself for his family.”

Many fans agreed with this point, with some even suggesting a darker path for Marty.

User Milkslinger wrote: “I could see an ending where he has to sell out his wife in order to keep his kids safe.”

Another responded with: “He better sacrifice something. He’s been waaaaaay too lucky so far.

“But I could also see him losing his wife/kids or the whole family and then going to prison rather than dying. That could be a fate worse than death.” [Sic] 

It seems most fans agree that the family will not be making it out of Ozark unharmed, with the potential deaths of one or more characters potentially in the pipeline.

Since the start of season one, the clock has been ticking for Marty and as one fan pointed out, he has been lucky so far through the show.

Only time will tell for Ozark but true to the show’s tone, it will not be a pleasant end for many of the characters.

With production wrapping in September, the first trailer for season four should drop shortly after.

Ahead of season four fans have been binge-watching the first three seasons, with many sharing their thoughts on the show on Twitter.

One fan said: “Ozark has a mind-blowing ending!”

“To understand Ozark it takes brain and attention,” another added.

A third commented: “You’ll love it. If you haven’t watched Ozark then wait until the final season ends.”

First premiering in 2017, the show has gone on to amass a loyal fanbase across its four seasons.

Ozark is available to watch exclusively on Netflix.

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