‘I get brown outs’ Brian May opens up on ‘strange persisting condition’

Brian May gets ‘emotional’ at launch of latest album

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Queen’s legendary guitarist Brian May appeared on Tuesday’s episode of BBC Radio 5 Live’s How Do You Cope podcast where he discussed Freddie Mercury’s untimely death. The musician also revealed he has been experiencing some long-lasting effects after contracting COVID-19. Brian said he has been suffering from “brown outs” following the illness. 

Speaking to hosts Elis James and John Robins about the long-lasting impact he has felt from coronavirus, Brian said: “I have a strange persisting condition, I think it’s from the Covid, I get these kind of ‘brown outs’. 

“Generally I’m okay, I’m not tired all the time, but I’ll get to a sudden point in the day where something inside my head goes, ‘You have to sleep now. You don’t care about any of this. Go to sleep.’ 

“It’s an almost irresistible call and I just go out like a light. It’s really weird. 

“I just hope it doesn’t happen in the middle of a gig!” 

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