‘I was so angry’ The Blacklist’s Mierce Xiu star on infuriating Aram storyline

The Blacklist: NBC announce return with gripping teaser

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Fans are still waiting for new episodes of The Blacklist to return to NBC as the network is still clearing a path for the Winter Olympics. During the ongoing hiatus, series regular Amir Arison took to Instagram to chat with co-stars Karina Arroyave and Diany Rodriguez about what fans could expect to see from the next season.

During their conversation, Karina made it clear she still hasn’t forgiven Elodie (played by Elizabeth Bogush) for what she did to Aram (Amir Arison) in The Blacklist.

During the seventh season of the NBC crime drama, Elodie is introduced as the wife of Charles Radcliffe (Rich Mollo) and starts an affair with task force member Aram.

However, she becomes a prime suspect in a murder investigation when Charles dies from an aneurysm and she gains $10,000,000 in life insurance.

Although she never admits to the crime, Aram deduces she seduced him to infiltrate the taskforce and find a Blacklister to kill her husband.

Both Karina and main cast member Amir were still furious with Elodie’s short-lived yet explosive stint on the series.

“Aram has had three relationships on the show,” he explained to his co-stars.

“Two were spies, and one was a lying, cheating…”

Karina quickly cut in as Amir struggled to find the appropriate word to describe Elodie.

She fumed: “I was so angry at her. I was so angry.”

Amir interjected: “Let’s be clear, we’re talking about Elodie, not Samar.

“Samar and Aram had this giant, heartbreaking romance. She’s talking about Elodie, which was, sort of, his rebound.”

Samar (Mozhan Marnò) and Aram started dating during season four and eventually made plans to get married.

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Sadly, she’s forced to leave the task force after contracting a mysterious brain injury that could put her at risk of revealing confidential information.

Aram met Elodie shortly after her departure, and fans are still furious at how she took advantage of his vulnerable state all these years later.

Despite the crushing heartbreak, Amir suggested his character could still find love in the form of Red’s (James Spader) new bodyguard, Weecha (Diany Rodriguez).

“I don’t know if he can handle it,” he initially joked when Karina brought up the possibility of a new romance.

However, his romantic track record so far definitely suggests he’s up for a challenge where relationships are concerned.

“Aram is attracted to trouble and darkness,” Amir continued.

“Elise was a spy, Samar was a spy. Everyone could kick a**. They were all, in many ways, tougher than him.

“So I wouldn’t put it past Aram to have some variation of a crush or, I would call it a fascination, with Weecha.”

The Blacklist season 9 continues Friday, February 25 on NBC in the USA. A UK release date has yet to be confirmed.

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