Innocent fans convinced they've already solved who killed Matty after worrying clues

INNOCENT fans are convinced that they've already solved who killed Matty after spotting worrying clues.

The gripping ITV drama kicked off its second series last night and already had viewers hooked.

Katherine Kelly plays the lead role of schoolteacher Sally Wright, alleged to have been having an affair with a 16-year-old pupil.

When the boy is later stabbed to death, she is convicted of his murder.

Sally is later released when new alibi evidence emerges – but her reputation, and her life, is left in tatters.

But as Sally tried to figure out who the real killer was, a number of armchair sleuths took to social media to put forward their own theories.

Several fans speculated that Sally's ex husband Sam was the killer and others suggested his new partner Karen was really the murderer.

Later in the episode, viewers saw Sally come face-to-face with Sam as she told him: "Do you know what was the worst thing, worse than being considered a sex offender in a prison full of male guards?

"You thinking I'd ever be unfaithful to you."

He apologised for not believing her at the time and said he was "so sorry" for thinking she was guilty.

However, eagle-eyed fans are convinced that Sam is harbouring a dark secret.

In one of the final scenes, Karen seduces Sam on the staircase and then makes a rather strange remark.

A viewer took to Twitter to share their theory: “Did I hear right when the new partner said to sally's ex husband about sticking by him through what ever he’s done?? WHY do I feel like he’s guilty and hiding something!? #innocent #itv @ITV.”

One fan wrote: "Hubby is definitely acting suspiciously!"

Another shared: "Sam is the killer…he's behaving strange. I don't trust him."

A third posted: "Honestly, your ex husband isn't worth your time!"

Viewers believed that Sam had a motive for killing Matty, after believing that his wife was having a fling with the schoolkid, so could have framed his wife.

But some fans were convinced that Karen was the real culprit and had planned to get Sally out of the way so she could get Sam all to herself.

ITV viewers spotted Karen and her daughter Beth exhibiting awkward behaviour since Sally's release.

One fan believed they had cracked the case, writing: "Karen of being obsessed with Sam…maybe she's the killer."

Another agreed: "I'm calling it… the soon to be new wife."

A third added: "I reckon his new Mrs to be did it!"

However, other theories were thrown about including the possibility of Anna Stamp being Matty's killer after more lies were told.

Viewers pointed the finger at Anna, played by Ellie Rawnsley, after she lied about her conversation with Sally. 

She also completely fabricated evidence claiming to have seen Matty and Sally kissing.

In one scene, Anna, Matty’s classmate was informally questioned by Mike about the night Matty was killed. 

ITV viewers saw Anna lie to the police officer as she recalled a conversation she had with Sally that afternoon.

And those watching at home heard her recall the conversation she had with Sally that afternoon.

Anna became defensive when she was quizzed about her relationship with Sally.

Mike asked: "Did she ever teach you at all?"

A frustrated Anna replied: “No. And I’ll tell you what, instead of asking me a million questions I already answered the first round, how about you speak to her and tell her to stop harassing me? 

"She’s been following me, threatening me – if I didn’t tell the truth, she said she would find out where I lived, climbed into my flat at night and stick a pillow over my head!

"So maybe she didn’t kill Matty, but I promise you this, she is still a very dangerous woman.” 

Viewers suggested that Anna was the culprit after spreading more lies about Sally.

One posted: "Anna did it I'm telling you."

Another fumed: "What a lying cow! I'm suspecting her now #innocent."

Another wondered: “So why is Anna lying… #innocent.” 

“It's gotta be Anna who killed him #innocent,” a forth added.

Innocent proved popular with viewers last night in its opening episode.

This is the second series of the hit ITV show, but it takes on a whole new story.

Catch the next episode of Innocent tonight at 9pm.

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