Inside Gogglebox Pete’s life off air from new baby, real job and famous family

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Gogglebox star Pete Sandiford has recently announced that he's become a dad for the first time.

The Channel 4 star attended the National Television Awards on Thursday night alongside his sister Sophie Sandiford and a handful of fellow co-stars.

Sophie and Pete have gone through some major life changes in recent months with Sophie carving out a career as a florist, while Pete has got married to Paige Yeomans and they pair have welcomed their first child together.

Daily Star has taken a look into Pete's life away from the cameras as he begins fatherhood.

New wife

Pete revealed he and Paige are now husband and wife at the NTAs earlier this week.

He told OK! that he had tied the knot with Paige, announcing: "I'm married now! It was nerve-wracking but the best day of my life."

Pete announced his engagement back in February, Sophie turned to him while filming and asked: "Do you feel any different now that you've got engaged?"

Pete admitted he felt a new sense of responsibility, realising he was going to become someone’s husband.

"Yeah, I think… I feel like an even bigger responsibility. I don't know why. I'm going to have a wife," he explained.

The reality star is head over heels for fiancee Paige, previously describing her as his "Mrs and best mate".

Pete went public with his relationship last October, sharing a selfie with the stunning Emergency Service Call Handler on Instagram.

Paige, whose social media is private, is close mates with her future sister-in-law – Sophie previously described their relationship as "best friends forever".


As well as getting married, Pete and Paige are now parents to a baby son.

The TV star recently revealed that he's "overwhelmed" by his new role as a doting father before adding that the little tot is a "cool lad."

Speaking at the NTAs 2021 red carpet, Pete quipped: "I’ve been up all night, I slept on the train here – got suitcases under my eyes, you just got me at a good time now."

"I'm buzzing [to be at the NTAs] as I got a full night's sleep in a hotel so I'm well happy."

He added: "[Being a dad is] tiring. The lack of sleep is not cool but it's definitely worth it."

Pete continued: "He's basically a miniature version of me and Paige and that's what I always wanted so I feel well lucky."

Pete presented his sister with the baby’s ultrasound on Gogglebox earlier this year, saying: "Here we go, look at this!"

Sophie expressed her joy over becoming an auntie, as she wondered whether the tot would resemble her in any way.

Holding the scan up to her face, she said: "My niece or nephew. Does it look like me?"

Pete then made it clear he couldn’t wait to become a dad, taking a moment to reflect on the major news with his little sis.

"Innit mad? I am actually going to be a dad to somebody," he mused.

"Crazy. Life’s coming at you fast," Sophie replied.

Day job

While the cast of Gogglebox have become celebrities in their own right, they are paid just £1,500 per month to participate.

Another plus side is a free takeaway in the evenings, but despite the paycheque, the cast generally sticks with their day jobs while filming.

As his main gig, Pete actually works in the insurance industry, doing a desk job in Blackpool.

His sister Sophie formerly worked as a window dresser in Debenhams, but sadly lost her job when the lockdown badly impacted the department stores’ profits.

However, since leaving Debenhams behind, Sophie has decided on a career change and is training to become a florist.

Famous family

Pete and Sophie’s witty commentary has left Gogglebox viewers in tears time and time again – hinting comedy runs in their blood.

The siblings are related to two of the funniest men in the business – The Chuckle Brothers.

Fans’ suspicions were first raised when they spotted an old picture on Paul Elliott’s Twitter page, showing him posing with Pete and Sophie.

"This day 2018 with my great-niece and nephew," he added in the caption, confirming they were related.

When Barry Elliott died in 2018 after a bout of ill health, Sophie paid tribute to her late uncle, remembering the legendary comic’s sense of humour throughout her childhood.

"A truly lovely and funny man to be around," she said.

"You filled millions of childhoods with laughter and entertainment including mine and Peters. You will be sadly missed by many. Rest in peace Uncle Barry. Lots of love from me, to you."

Gogglebox fame

Gogglebox had been running for five years before Pete and Sophie joined the cast, getting scouted by Channel 4’s team.

Network bosses spotted the brother and sister when they starred in Talk Talk's This Stuff Matters campaign, which launched in 2016.

The documentary-style advert saw the pair in their Blackpool home, spending time with their family and chatting on the phone.

Pete’s face even made it onto a billboard after the advert aired, with the Sandifords eventually making it onto Gogglebox two years later.

Opening up about becoming national treasures thanks to the Channel 4 stint, the down-to-earth siblings revealed they were "gobsmacked" by the public's response.

Chatting to The Sun, Sophie said: "We can still pop out for milk, but I can always tell when we're on telly because my phone buzzes with new Twitter followers."

Pete added: "We're still gobsmacked that we're on the show. A woman came up to me saying me and Soph were ace – when people take the time to do that, it means a lot.

Gogglebox returns to Channel 4 later this month

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