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CHERRY Valentine may have been one of the early queens to leave Drag Race UK – but she still managed to make a HUGE impact.

Following the tragic news that Cherry – real name George Ward – had died aged just 28, Drag Race UK fans have been reflecting back on her time on the BBC Three show.

Cherry took part in the second series of RuPaul's Drag Race UK, alongside the likes of Bimini Bon-Boulash, Joe Black and eventual winner, Lawrence Chaney.

She was the second queen to enter the work room, wearing a stunning gothic black and red gown with a striking red headpiece.

She introduced herself by saying: "Roses are red, violets are blue, here's your winner of season two."

Meanwhile in a piece to camera, Cherry – dressed out of drag – revealed she was 26 and from Darlington in the North East.

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She added: "I'm not a comedy queen, I'm not a performance queen, I'm not a look queen, I'm all of them! Watch out b****es! Here I am!"

Once all the queens had made their entrance, they were tasked with a tennis photoshoot for their first challenge.

Then on the runway, the category was 'UK gay icons' and Cherry chose Freddie Mercury and his look from the I Want to Break Free video.

Explaining her look, she said: "Freddie Mercury, in drag, with the mustache, it's all the genders mixed up into one and I'm living for every inch of it."

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The second look the queens had to serve was 'queen of your hometown' and Cherry chose a Victorian black ensemble.

Discussing her outfit, she said: "I'm walking down the runway and I'm feeling the steam punk Victorian fantasy and I'm representing the town of Darlington right now.

"One of the main places in Darlington is the town clock so I'm rocking out with my clock out."

Cherry's performance in the challenge and on the runway meant she was one of the safe queens in week one.

Unfortunately, week two didn't go quite as well for the star.

The main challenge saw them have to perform in Rats: The Rusical.

As they got ready, Cherry had a heart to heart with Sister Sister, explaining how she came from a "traveller background".

In a piece to camera, she added: "Being a traveller, to me, is not something I've talked about or told anyone.

"I'm just not used to it, I never do it, because it makes me feel so many different things that I try to lock away."

Back in the work room, she told Sister Sister: "Everyone seems to out and proud of who they are, but I think what makes me feel me a bit… don't be too 'me' because I get scared of how I've been brought up.

"It's different, like you don't always think the same things."

To the camera she explained: "I was always brought up that you'll find a wife, get married, you'll have some kids, you'll be the man of the family.

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"So obviously when I started having feelings of being gay and being different, that wasn't the right thing in my mind that I should be doing, but you can't help it, it's just who you are."

He added to Sister Sister that he was the only gay person in his family or in his community that he could think of, while in the pieces to camera he admitted he still didn't feel "fully proud" to say he was gay because of his conflict with his upbringing.

But he added: "I don't want to forget about it because I love my heritage, I love my family more than anything, but there comes a point where you have to realise it's your life and you shouldn't live your life for other people."

After their performance of Rats, the queens took to the runway for the category 'Surprise, Surprise'.

Cherry wore a striking yellow and black polka dot ensemble while carrying a black balloon, before twirling out of one outfit and revealing a figure hugging yellow dress and baby bump underneath.

She explained: "The theme behind this look is a gender reveal party" before she was seen popping the balloon and releasing confetti.

During the judge's critiques, Cherry was told she had showed her nerves on her face in the Rusical, while they also said they knew what her surprise was going to be on the runway.

Cherry found herself in the bottom two and had to lip sync for her life against Tayce to Memory by Elaine Paige.

Ru decided to save Tayce and told Cherry: "Roses are red, violets are blue, you're Cherry Valentine and we'll miss you."

Cherry thanked Ru and said: "You have lit a fire under my arse, and never again will I let anyone overlook me, ever."

As she headed to the workroom alone, she said tearfully: "I'm deflated, I'm upset and I feel robbed.

"I've learned to always be yourself, don't give a s**t about what everyone else thinks about you, you do you. Every day is Valentine's Day."

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