Is 'Black Mirror' Canceled or Renewed for Season 6?

Black Mirror season five was just released this month, but fans are already eager for news of what’s to come. With only three episodes, this season didn’t do much to satisfy our cravings for the dark, science fiction drama, that forces us to question the consequences of our favorite technology. When can we expect more episodes from Netflix? Showbiz Cheat Sheet did some investigating, and here’s what we found.

Why does only season five only have three episodes?

Season five only had three episodes, and that left fans feeling a little shortchanged. But, we can’t forget that the interactive, stand-alone episode, Bandersnatch, was released in December 2018. Originally, Bandersnatch was a part of season five. The series creators, Charlie Brooker and Annebel Jones, explained to The Hollywood Reporter how they decided to release it on its own.

“We looked at the other episodes we were working on in conjunction with Bandersnatch and realized they complimented each other. Rather than make everyone wait for ages while we write some more, we thought: why don’t we put these out relatively close to Bandersnatch? I can understand some people saying, ‘Only three episodes? That’s not fair.’ But they’re actually getting more Black Mirror in a short space of time than they’ve had before, because Bandersnatch is about five and a half hours and this season is about three hours. It’s kind of like an extra dessert.”

Will there be a ‘Black Mirror’ season six?

Netflix hasn’t confirmed if there will be a season six yet, but they have a habit of keeping details secret until the last minute, so that doesn’t mean it won’t happen. Recently, The Wrap sat down with Brooker and Jones to ask if they were currently working on the next season. Jones stated that they “never stop working.” She continued, “Whether Netflix will let us make it become season six is another thing. But we’re constantly working out new ideas, yes.”

When The Hollywood Reporter asked the pair how many seasons they plan on making in the future, Brooker said, “We’ll keep doing them until a voice in our brains commands us to stop.”

“Or Netflix,” added Jones.

The series has proved to be unpredictable with its release dates in the past, but since Netflix acquired the show from British network channel 4, at least one year has separated new seasons. For example, we just received season five, a whopping 17 months after season four released. That means that we probably won’t receive season six until at least mid-2020.

Rumors of a ‘USS Callister’ spin-off

Fans and critics alike agree that USS Callister is one of the best Black Mirror episodes. The plot follows a video game creator and his frustrations with his co-workers. He designs an augmented reality game, using his co-workers DNA that allows him to boss them around while acting out a Star Wars-like adventure. The co-worker clones end up organizing a revolt in response to his mistreatment.

Jimmi Simpson, one of the actors who stars in the episode, told The Wrap that Brooker discussed with him the possibility of a spin-off for the episode. “He [Brooker] said that it’s his favorite episode and he just wants it to live on,” Simpson said. He continued by saying Brooker shared some of his ideas for if that were to happen, and “they’re really f***king awesome ideas.”

The episode director, Toby Haynes, agrees that he’d like to see it made into its own show. “I’d love to do a TV series of USS Callister,” Haynes told The Hollywood Reporter. “It’s probably one of the best pilots for a space show ever. And I made it!”

It looks like the cast and creators of USS Callister are all on board for a spin-off, now it’s just a matter of if Netflix agrees. At this point, we haven’t heard anything about them actually filming this project, only rumors that they’d like to. Until we find out for sure, we’ll just have to satisfy our cravings by re-watching the season four episode.

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