Is Fornell leaving NCIS for good?

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Tobias Fornell (played by Joe Spano) is a former FBI special agent who has worked with NCIS on and off for many years. He is also a good friend of Agent Leroy Gibbs (Mark Harmon), with both of them being there for one another during some of the most difficult stages in their lives. The pair also have a shared history in terms of their love lives which brought them even closer together.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from NCIS.

Is Fornell leaving NCIS for good?

Fornell may not be a regular cast member in NCIS but he has been in the CBS series longer than most.

He appeared in the very first episode of NCIS, Yankee Whit and has popped up time and time again whenever Gibbs has needed him.

Fornell and Gibbs have something very unusual in common which has meant they could relate to one another on a deeper level: an ex-wife.

Both were married to criminal investigator Diane Sterling (Melinda McGraw) with Fornell even having his daughter Emily Fornell (Juliette Angela) with her.

Everything changed for the ex-FBI agent in season 18 as his beloved daughter Emily was killed off.

She had suffered from a drug problem for a few years but in the latest series, she had an overdose and died in hospital as a result.

This left both Fornell and Gibbs, who was like a second father to her, utterly heartbroken.

But now the question is whether Fornell is going to be back for season 19 or is this the end of his journey on NCIS?

So far, there has been no confirmation that Spano has left the police procedural drama.

The 75-year-old hasn’t featured in every series of NCIS as he just crops up from time to time.

He hasn’t shared that he has returned to film new episodes but the actor isn’t too active on social media.

There is no news of him reprising his role either on Spano’s IMDB page.

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There is also the matter of Gibbs pretending to be dead in the season 18 finale.

As Fornell is his friend, he tends to only make an appearance because of the veteran agent.

But with Gibbs temporarily out of the picture, it is unclear when or if Fornell will be back.

However, this could be an opportunity for the former FBI agent to do some digging.

If NCIS isn’t aware of Gibbs’ whereabouts and Fornell finds out, it could lead to him conducting an investigation of his own.

Moreover, the show may want to bring him back so fans can get an update on how he is doing after Emily’s death.

With his daughter and best friend out of the picture, how is Fornell going to cope?

NCIS season 19 will premiere on Monday, September 20, on CBS.

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