‘Is she alright?’ Louise Minchin panics as BBC Breakfast co-star falls live on air

BBC Breakfast: Nina Warhurst tumbles while skateboarding

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Louise Minchin and Jon Kay watched Nina Warhurst, who was in Salford, attempt to skate up a ramp and turn the board around without falling off. Things seemed to be going well for the business reporter until disaster struck and she fell off live on air. As Louise and Jon waited to hear if she was okay, the former panicked the BBC Breakfast star was injured.

Jon commented: “I was a bit worried when she said she was going to smash it. I thought, ‘What’s she going to smash?’ But she’s got it!”

“I’m really impressed. Go on Nina!” Louise shouted from the studio as Nina continued to practise her skills.

Jon laughed: “Team GB have just been in touch Nina, they’re talking three years in Paris.”

As Nina perfected a turn on her skateboard, both Jon and Louise exclaimed: “Look at that! That was awesome.”

“Let’s leave it now while it’s good,” Louise suggested as a scream was then heard. ‘

Nina shouted: “That’s what everyone was waiting for.”

“Is she alright?” Louise asked, shooting a concerned look at Jon. “Is she alright?”

Jon assured his co-star: “She’ll be fine,” as the camera panned to Nina lying on the floor of the skate park.

Thankfully she jumped back up quickly to get back on the board, telling the presenters: “I tried!”

“Oh Nina, you’re brilliant, well done,” Louise replied as Jon added: “Good on her!”

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