Is The Pursuit Of Love based on a true story?

ROMANTICS across the UK are excited for The Pursuit Of Love – a new BBC mini-series that starts on tonight, Sunday, May 9.

The drama, replacing the 9pm slot vacated by Line Of Duty, stars Downton Abbey’s Lily James as the lead character Linda Radlett – but is it based on a true story?

Is The Pursuit Of Love based on a true story?

The Pursuit Of Love is not based on a true story.

But it is a period drama that aims to be realistic, focusing on the romantic life of upper-class Linda between the First and Second World War.

Discussing her character in an interview with Tatler magazine, James said: "She is a wonderful character: free-spirited, passionate, impulsive, fiery, frustrating, selfish and a brilliant human-being.

"I wish I was as brave and courageous as her, she lives for herself. I relate to her passion and her open heart.

"I think people want to be more like Linda."

Is The Pursuit Of Love based on a book?

The Pursuit Of Love is based on a 1945 novel of the same name.

It is believed to be a semi-autobiographical book, loosely based on author Nancy Mitford’s life before she married soldier Peter Rodd in 1933.

Mitford wrote two sequels to the acclaimed novel: Love In A Cold Climate (1949) and Don't Tell Alfred (1960).

The Pursuit Of Love and it's first sequel were adapted into a series by ITV in 1980.

The show, starring Judi Dench, was called Love In A Cold Climate.

A second adaptation – also called Love In A Cold Climate – was done by the BBC in 2001, starring Hollywood regular Rosamund Pike.

Carrie Bradshaw was seen reading the two novels in Sex And The City 2.

What is The Pursuit Of Love about?

The Pursuit Of Love is a romantic drama about growing up and falling in love among the upper-class.

The series follows Linda and her friend Fanny Logan – played by Daphne star Emily Beecham – as they hunt for the ideal husband.

Discussing the show in a BBC interview, writer and director Emily Mortimer said: "I've always loved Nancy Mitford so when I was asked to adapt The Pursuit Of Love, it was impossible to say no.

"It's an outrageously funny and honest story, whose central character – the wild, love-addicted Linda Radlett – still reads as a radical."

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