Jake Quickenden’s baby son has ‘filled a void’ after losing dad and brother

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Jake Quickenden has opened up on how his baby son Leo has filled a void in his life left by the deaths of his dad and brother.

The TV star admitted he often cries about how much he misses his family and that they didn't get to meet Leo, but told Loose Women that becoming a dad had been life-changing for him.

Appearing by video call on the show on Tuesday with Leo, he said: "It has just filled this void and it's hard work, don't get me wrong, anyone who has had babies knows it's hard. But honestly, every morning I just look forward to waking up and seeing his little face smiling at me."

Jake lost his dad Paul in 2008 and his brother Oliver in 2012, both to bone cancer, and became a dad himself when Leo was born in February this year.

Asked how he felt about his dad and brother not meeting Leo, he told the Loose Women: "Yeah, I have a cry and I'm not one to shy away from that.

"This generation, we're in a time when guys should be able to open up and show their feelings and I do have a cry every now and again, especially now it's coming towards Father's Day, I wish my dad was here to see who I've become.

"He never even got to see me on TV and that's unbelievable considering I've done as many shows as I possibly can."

Jake, 32, has appeared on The X Factor, where he first found fame, Dancing On Ice and I'm A Celebrity.

He continued: "Sometimes I have little down days where I'm thinking I miss them but it's always going to happen. We all go through loss in life and it's how it shapes you.

"I feel like it's shaped me definitely to a better person, I used to be a bit selfish and self-sabotage and not really worry about anyone, even myself, but now I've got little man with me I just want to be the best person I can be."

Talking about fatherhood, the proud dad said: "It's the most rewarding, amazing, heart filling thing I've ever done and I've done quite a lot of TV shows, but this is the best thing I've ever done."

Earlier in the year, Jake faced a tough time online when cruel trolls began to target newborn Leo, making vile comments about his appearance.

However, Jake said that he had tried hard to understand the trolls and how they must be suffering in their own lives, and said he hoped they could get help.

Jake said: "I've done TV long enough now to know I'm going to get someone saying my teeth are too big or they don't like my hairstyle and it's weird that we have to accept that because it shouldn't be happening, but when it happened to Leo and people started saying a few nasty things I couldn't get my head around it."

He continued: "We've all gone through a really tough couple of years and these people must be really hurting. It's a shame but people deal with things in different ways and they're amplifying their hate towards someone else.

"I kind of understand it and I hope they have someone to talk to."

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