Jameela Jamil slams claims she was responsible for Caroline Flack's death

Jameela Jamil has hit back at trolls over claims that she was responsible for Caroline Flack’s death after messages resurface online.

The TV presenter shared a series of hateful and abusive messages she has received on social media from fans that accused her of ‘bullying’ Caroline.

Shortly after the Love Island host’s death on 15 February, GMB host Piers Morgan shared messages sent by Caroline to him addressing ‘hate’ from The Good Place star.

Jameela had previously called out Caroline’s show The Surjury, which was described as ‘problematic’ by some in its premise of showcasing people who want plastic surgery pitching their stories and requests to a group of strangers, with former Love Island host Caroline previously responding to The Good Place star’s criticism.

Taking to Twitter on Tuesday (30 June) Jameela told her followers that she receives hateful messages every day because of the screenshots Piers initially shared with his followers.

In screenshots posted by Piers in February, Caroline had written: ‘Please have pictures… I’m struggling with Jameela. The hate she aims at me.’

Bear in mind there is no context around these messages, with viewers in the dark as to what the pair had been talking about in the lead-up to Caroline’s DM.

Sharing a screenshot of a very abusive message from one of her followers, the TV presenter said: ‘I get messages like this every day because Piers Morgan implied that I was responsible for Caroline’s death just because she and I had a mild disagreement about her TV shows, where I wasn’t actually criticizing her, 8 months before she passed.’

In another tweet she went on to explain that Caroline had reached out to her because of the hate she was getting.

‘She reached out to me a few days before she died because she was sad to see how much hate I was getting from the media, (which massively was coming from Morgan at the time) and then she passed a few days later,’ she continued. ‘He then used a dead woman’s message out of context to harass me’

‘More thanks to Piers Morgan and the text conversation he had with Caroline that consisted of three lines, no time signature and no context,’ she added. ‘That was enough to hold me responsible for a woman’s death. And these are the types of men that follow him.’

At the time, Piers’ messages were not taken lightly by Twitter, who berated the Good Morning Britain host, with many fearing the onslaught of trolling Jameela would now face from social media users, especially as Jameela recently addressed the hate directed at her amid Munchausen claims, which she had vehemently denied.

Metro.co.uk has reached out to Piers Morgan’s rep for comment.

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