Jamie Tate’s family secret exposed – and mum Kim is shocked on Emmerdale

Jamie Tate has been hiding a secret ever since he stepped back into Emmerdale and his mother Kim will finally discover what it is.

While out riding on her horse next week, a car speeds past Kim (Claire King) and causes the horse to bolt.

Kim is furious and when she spots the driver, furiously lashes out. But she is quickly left sunned when she discovers that the driver is Jamie's secret wife Andrea and daughter Millie.

However Andrea, played by Anna Nightingale, is certainly not happy to hear that Jamie has been living at Home Farm with Kim.

Fuming that Kim has managed to get her claws back into Jamie, she hits out.

An awkward Jamie feels caught in the middle but is relieved when Andrea agrees to stay the night in the village.

The next day, Jamie tries to get Andrea a job so that they can stay in the village.

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