Jenelle Evans Has Plans To Release a Makeup Line in the Fall, But an Animal Rights Group Might Thwart It!

Jenelle Evans seems to be accepting the fact that her reality TV career is dead. After being axed by MTV, the teen mom was allegedly tapped for Marriage Bootcamp, but that offer evaporated, too. It appears that she has been blacklisted from Hollywood. Now the former reality TV star is setting her sights on the beauty industry. Will her troubled line of beauty products, ever hit the market though?

When does Evans plan to launch her supposed cosmetic line

Evans attempted to launch a cosmetics line back in 2017, but the entire venture was marred by problems. The mother of three abandoned the venture when her trademark application was denied, and most people assumed it was over and done.

A month before Nugget’s untimely death, Evans allegedly started working on the line again. In the wake of her epic Teen Mom 2 firing, she started mentioning the brand. Now, it seems like she’s aiming for a September 2019 launch date. First up is an eyebrow kit, which fans have mocked mercilessly. Evans’ brow game is almost as troubled as her relationships.

Several lip colors have also been featured on the company’s Instagram account, leading some followers to believe a lip kit will also be offered on the launch date. Whether or not the line will actually happen remains up in the air. In fact, there is a group actively working against its release, and they scored a giant victory against Evans and her dog abusing husband.

Jenelle Evans is unlikely to succeed in the world ofcosmetics

The beauty industry is enormous, in fact, Forbes has estimated that the industry rakes in $445 million each year. Sure, it’s an excellent space for self-made women, but there is a ton of competition too. Everyone from reality TV mavens to YouTube content creators have entered the space, and it doesn’t look like Jenelle is going to find a compassionate fanbase in it.

The second her JE Cosmetics Instagram account was reactivated, followers flocked to the page to inform the former Teen Mom 2 star that they had not forgotten about Nugget nor would they be purchasing her makeup products.

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The reception hasn’t been any better on Twitter. When Evansannounced her launch date, former fans wasted no time in trolling the troubledreality star. One Twitter user asked if the red lipstick would be named “Nuggetblood,” while another noted the entire concept was going to be a disaster.

An animal rights group bought Jenelle’s domain name

Everyone loves a snarky comment, but action is even better. Jenelle’s makeup business venture has seemingly hit a snag. The would-be entrepreneur failed to pay for her domains when she abandoned the project last year. When she decided to revitalize it, her team overlooked that fact. The domain was up for grabs, and it has officially been leased.  

A Twitter user by the name Textsfrombubba launched aGoFundMe campaign to raise money to buy the domain name out from under Jenelle.Things were going well with the campaign, but a good Samaritan stepped in andleased the domains associated with Jenelle’s cosmetic business for a year.

Now, the digital space once reserved for hawking her makeup will house whatever content the group would like. It seems likely that animal rights content will take center stage. All donations from the GoFundMe campaign have been refunded. Jenelle has not commented publicly about the situation, but if her current tweeting trends are any indication, she’ll probably speak up sooner rather than later.

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