Jill Duggar reveals she and husband Derick started couples therapy after she felt 'desperate' about 'drama' with family

JILL Duggar said she and husband Derick Dillard sought couples therapy after she felt "desperate" about the "drama" with her famous family.

The 29-year-old opened up about her marital problems in a recent interview with Us Weekly.

During a joint interview with Derick, Jill told the outlet: “It was one of those things where we knew therapy was helpful but until we got to the point where we were, like, desperate … we didn’t venture out to actually sign up for it.

“It’s been so helpful learning to communicate as a couple and knowing your triggers.”

The pair, who tied the knot in 2014, share five-year-old son Israel and three-year-old son Samuel together.

The Counting On alum explained that the pair decided to seek help after experiencing "a lot of transition" in their lives.

Jill told the outlet: “There were just a lot of things that we were working through and then learning to develop boundaries with even just extended family,”

“[There’s] a little bit of drama there. … At that point, we were like, ‘We really need somebody outside the picture to speak into our lives to help us sort things out.'”

Jill and Derick, 31, have been estranged from her family in recent years.

The couple used to star alongside her parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, as well as her other famous family members, on the TLC show until they were dropped from the series.

Since distancing herself from the famous family, Jill has rebelled against the strict rules her parents raised her and her 18 siblings to follow.

While the mother-of-two often breaks the family’s modest dress code, she continued to push boundaries by getting her nose pierced and cutting her hair short.

Jill and Derick also chose to enroll their oldest son in public school, which goes against the Duggar tradition of homeschooling.

Additionally, Jill revealed she uses birth control even though her parents forbid the prevention of pregnancy within a marriage.

Earlier in February, the couple shocked fans when they opened up about their "good sex life" in a video for their YouTube channel.

While the family of four visited a number of local restaurants in the video, Derick asked their two young sons: "Do you know how you got born? We had a date and then you started growing inside of mommy's tummy."

Jill added: "We had a bunch of dates."

The father then commented: "We did have four dates in one day I think… that one time."

Speaking to the camera, Jill added: "We have a good sex life."

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