Joan Collins ex-husbands: How many times has she been married?

MOVIE star and Hollywood icon Joan Collins has entered into marriage unions multiple times throughout her venerable career in entertainment.

Here's the rundown of the men the Dynasty star has wedded throughout the years.

Who are Joan Collins' ex-husbands?

Maxwell Reed

Joan married Irish actor Maxwell Reed in 1952, when she was just 18 to Reed's 33 years old.

In a recent episode of The Originals podcast, Joan opened up in about her horrific experience of sexual assault at Reed's hands on their very first date.

She told podcast host Andrew Goldman that she had a teenage crush on Reed before they first met and kept a scrapbook of his pictures.

Joan said Reed had promised to take her out to a country club for their first date, but instead drove her to his house in Hanover Square.

Once inside the apartment, Joan said, Reed left her to "take a shower" after giving her a drink that she later realized was drugged.

"He gave me the rum and Coke, he gave me this book, which was full of the most explicit, sexually explicit, pictures that I’d ever seen.

"And the next thing I know, I was on the sofa in his sitting room and he had raped me, and I hadn’t known anything about it because he had drugged me."

When Reed proposed several months later, Joan said she felt pressured to marry him because he had taken her virginity.

"And I thought, "Well I better because you know, he took my virginity." I really hated him, but I was so filled with guilt, that he had done this thing to me.”

Anthony Newley

Joan was joined to British singer-songwriter Anthony Newley for eight years from 1963 to 1971.

In 2017, controversy arose when the pair's son, Sacha Newley, accused his father of pedophilia.

Joan, 84 at the time, dismissed the allegations as "absolutely untrue," and that she never saw pedophilic behavior from her ex-husband.

She told Good Morning Britian: "I think that Sacha's being extremely naive and not really knowing the meaning of that word because what Tony admittedly was, is he loved young women and young women of 17, 18, 19 years old. Not children by any means."

Sacha told The Sunday Times that he thought his father's X-rated 1969 film Can Heironymus Merkin Ever Forget Mercy Humppe and Find True Happiness? is an autobiographical “confession of pedophilia”.

In the film, the family played as their real life roles, with Joan playing Anthony's wife and Sacha and his sister Tara playing their children.

Ron Kass

A year after her divorce from Newley, Joan married American businessman and recording magnate Ron Kass.

Kass was best known as the head of the Apple Corporation, The Beatles' recording producer, and a good friend of the John, Ringo, and Paul.

Joan wrote in Daily Mail that Kass proposed to her within weeks of meeting her—even though he was married with three children.

"For a year, he bombarded me with love, attention and proposals of marriage," Joan wrote.

The two had one child, Katyana, in 1972, but the marriage went south as Kass' problems with cocaine and heroine came to light in the years afterwards.

The death blow to the marriage came when Joan discovered that Kass had forged her signature on overdraft document, and the couple divorced in 1983.

Peter Holm

In 1985, Joan married Swedish pop singer Peter Holm, who was acting as her manager and co-producer at the time.

Holm, who was 14 years younger than Joan, was carrying out a secret affair with a 20-year-old married woman while Joan was filming Dynasty, Daily Mail reports.

Holm made Joan sign a prenup, and once they had initiated divorce proceedings, he demanded to be given tens of thousands of dollars in monthly allowances, as well two of their jointly-owned houses.

Joan alleged that Holm should pay over a million dollars for furniture, Christmas decorations, and even food from the fridge that he had taken from their house in LA.

One of Holm's later girlfriends, Kathy Wardlow, said in 1988 that Holm revealed to her he had only married Joan for her money, and that he had been unfaithful throughout the marriage "because she was old and wrinkled."

Percy Gibson

Joan is still wedded to her fifth husband, Percy Gibson, who she first married in 2002 in Claridge's Hotel in London.

The two met in San Francisco in 2000 while Joan was starring in a play for a company that Gibson managed.

During an appearance on Good Morning Britain last year, Joan was asked if she would have met Gibson when she was in her 30's, to which she replied "He wasn't born!" referencing the 31 year age difference between the pair.

The star joked: "As you know, [Percy] is somewhat younger than me. At first people would always say, 'What are you going to do about the age difference?' I’d say, 'Well, if he dies he dies!'"

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