Jodie Marsh used to ‘exploit men’ for money when working as glamour model

Jodie Marsh says she used to "exploit" men when she was a glamour model.

The 43-year-old reality TV star used to model for The Sun's infamous Page 3 page a total of six times, which in the day which saw a variety of models pose sensually in the nude and was popular with readers since the inception of the column 1970.

The bodybuilder also appeared in other "lads mags" publications such as FHM, Loaded, Nuts and Zoo Weekly.

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But following the No More Page 3 campaign which ran from 2012 to 2015, citing the feature as an outdated, sexist tradition that demeaned girls and women, the Rupert Murdoch owned publication cesed to publish the nude images.

However in a new interview Jodie slammed the campaign and explained that it had a negative effect on the industry because it made more women unemployed.

On Talking Pints with Nigel Farage on GB News she was asked about the highly publicised criticsim of the infamous feature after her own career for which she slammed as "rediculous".

She explained: "All the Ban the lads mags it's ridiculous. Do you know that group of women did who got together to try and ban the lads mags? All they actually did was put women out of work."

Jodie continued: "Because not only us the glamour models, right, but most of the staff working on those shoots were female. My hairstylist, my makeup artist, the photographer was female, the art director, the stylist for the clothes."

The former Celebrity Big Brother star added: So you know we were like one big family on the lads mags. And yeah, they just put women out of a job."

But the professional bodybuilder and aspiring conservationist also spoke on rather than being demeaning, she used to feature to "exploit the men".

Speaking to Nigel Farage she said: "I was exploiting the men. They were paying to see me."

The former glamour girl added: "If you go on holiday now, to say France, you will 100% somewhere there, see a woman topless on the beach? Yeah, for free."

She added: "They paid a fortune to see my boobs … I exploited them!"


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