Kaleb Cooper children: How many children does Clarkson’s Farm star have?

Kaleb Cooper discusses behind the scenes of Clarkson’s Farm

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Jeremy Clarkson has seen success with his new Amazon Prime Video series Clarkson’s Farm. The show has already proved to be a hit with viewers and has been recommissioned for a second season. The documentary series follows The Grand Tour host as he attempts to run his very own farm with the help of some local farming experts. One of his many advisors is Kaleb Cooper who has become hugely popular with fans of the show. As a result, many viewers are intrigued to know more about the young farmer and his family life. Express.co.uk has everything you need to know.

Clarkson’s Farm follows Jeremy on his humorous adventure into the world of farming.

Viewers see the Amazon Prime star face a number of bumps in his journey as he attempts to successfully run his own farm.

Luckily, Jeremy has the help of local expert Kaleb who guides him through working life in the countryside.

Kaleb has become a hit with fans of the show, as he’s famed for not taking any nonsense from Jeremy and regularly puts him right.

As his popularity grows, many Clarkson’s Farm viewers are keen to know more about Kaleb.

Who is Kaleb Cooper?

Cotswolds based Kaleb is Jeremy’s side-kick and farming expert on Clarkson’s Farm.

The young farmer is Chipping Norton born-and-bred and has built up a quite a following since appearing on the new farming show.

Kaleb already worked on Jeremy’s farm when it was run by a local contract farmer and therefore knows the land like the back of his hand

Jeremy decided to take on the task of running the farm himself, with the help of Kaleb and other local experts by his side, when the farmer retired.

Does Kaleb Cooper have children?

Earlier this year Kaleb welcomed a baby son called Oscar, with his partner Taya.

The farmer announced the happy news in a post on Instagram, where he shared some photos of the newborn.

The caption read: “Would like everyone to meet Oscar George Cooper! Born 22nd of March. Time 8:18am. Weighing 7.7lbs. So so happy been a very long 28 hours! @tayaaaxx did a amazing job so proud of her.”

Later on in March he shared another photo of baby Oscar with his Instagram followers.

This time he wrote: “First trip to the farm to see if the seed has been delivered complete.”

Earlier this week Kaleb was involved in announcing the news that Clarkson’s Farm had been recommissioned.

In a video shared on Jeremy’s Instagram account, the presenter told fans: “Following the success of the first series, I’m delighted to say that there will be a second series of Clarkson’s Farm.”

From behind the camera, Kaleb could be heard teasing his co-star: “You mean Kaleb’s Farm?”

Clarkson’s Farm season one is available to stream now on Amazon Prime Video.

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