Kardashian fans shocked after Khloe reveals real skin including bandages in unedited pics & beg her to stop photoshop | The Sun

KHLOE Kardashian has left fans shocked after they caught a glimpse of her real skin at the 2022 People's Choice Awards.

Khloé, 38, attended the event in Santa Monica, California, with her momager Kris Jenner and ended up winning the award for Best Reality TV star.

The mom-of-two glammed up for the evening and wore a pair of chic black trousers and a matching strapless long-sleeved Jean Paul Gaultier, top that resembled a tuxedo jacket at the front.

Khloé accessorized her style with a pair of large gold hoop earrings and wore her hair down in a loose wave and with plenty of volume.

She was also wearing another familiar accessory in the form of a flesh-colored bandage on the left side of her face.

Back in October, Khloé finally revealed the reason she had been wearing a large bandage on her face for months.

The reality star explained she had a tumor removed from her face and must keep it covered until it fully heals.

But fans were more concerned with how different Khloé looked in real life in the unedited photos from the People's Choice Awards.

Posting some snaps of her onstage with her mom when they accepted the award for Best Reality TV series, one person wrote on Reddit: "The real face of Khloe! Posting before they get wiped from the internet."

Other users quickly commented on the thread as one person claimed: "I dont Care what anybody says. The real life Khloe and the insta Khloe aint the same."

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Another said: "I prefer this to anything she posts," to which someone else replied: "Completely agree. Also, I think it's really important to show what these kinds of face and body alterations actually look like IRL.

"I'm not saying she looks bad, I just think she looks like an entirely different person than she does on instagram which might mislead people into thinking the results of fillers/etc are different than what they actually are," they added.

Someone else pointed out: "It’s shocking because of all the filters she uses. Otherwise, it’d be another ‘normal’ face."

Other people spotted Khloé's bandage as one person wrote: "Dear lord I can see the face tape."

Another commented: "How long does she have to wear than bandage for? It's been like…over 6 months."

And other Reddit users claimed that Khloé looked older, and almost a similar age to her mom Kris.

"Why do.. they look around the same age? That scares me. It's ok for Kris to look the way she does. A woman in her 60's with a lot of work done, but Khloe wtf," one said.

Another wrote: "Her and Kris look the same age. Poor Khloe. I really wish she hadn’t felt the need to tweak her face this much."

But others defended Khloe's look as one person said: "I think she looks fine. I wish she would stop with the surgeries now. Can you imagine what she will do when she gets older."

Another added: "She actually doesn’t look toooo bad if you ask me lol."

Khloé admitted to fans on Tuesday evening that she thinks she looked like a "freak" at the 2022 People's Choice Awards.

She took to her Instagram Stories and decided to explain why her hair looked disheveled when she rushed up onto the stage to join her mom Kris.

Addressing her 281million followers, Khloé said: "You guys, my hair looks really good now, I'm telling you!

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"I don't know what happened on stage, my hair was f**ked up and then I was being called, my mom was onstage alone so I had to run over there and save her and I looked like a freak but you guys know what, champagne f**king problems okay!"

She then added: "I'm so grateful I won, I love you guys!"

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