Kat and Stacey ripped apart by shock betrayal in EastEnders

Kat Moon’s (Jessie Wallace) been through a lot this year in EastEnders, but her steamy romance with Kush Kazemi (Davood Ghadami) has put a smile back on her face. However, her happiness will be short-lived, as she finds herself torn between her new man and her family when Stacey Fowler (Lacey Turner) challenges Kush.

Although they’ve had a few spats over the years, the animosity between Martin (James Bye) and Kush is more rife than ever — and it’s all because of Kush’s desire to have joint custody of Arthur. While Kat managed to deter her new beau from pursuing this further — at least for the time being — the two market trader men still haven’t made up.

After racking her brains to think of a solution, Kat decides that a meal is her best hope of bringing Martin and Kush back together, so she enlists Stacey to help her out.

The meal preparations go well, until Kat accidentally spills the beans on where Kush’s head is at in regards to his plan to get custody of Arthur. Stacey is livid and — despite Kat’s best efforts to prevent her from doing so — she marches round to confront the market trader.

In typical Slater fashion, all hell breaks loose, and Martin and Kat find themselves drawn into the argument as well. Feeling utterly betrayed, Stacey blames Kat for everything and tells her that she no longer considers her to be family.

The battle lines have well and truly been drawn, but is this end for the Slater womens’ relationship?  We all know that family loyalty is high up the list of priorities for the Slaters — and for everyone in Walford — so Stacey may struggle to forgive Kat for inadvertently influencing Kush on the custody issue.

Additionally, Kat will undoubtedly find herself stuck in the middle, and she’ll be forced to choose between Kush and her family. Which one will it be?

One to watch: Monday 3rd June at 8pm on BBC One.

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