Kate Garraway breaks down in tears as ‘happy ending is unsustainable’ for Derek

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Kate Garraway had ITV viewers in tears as she admitted that a "happy ending" with her husband Derek Draper feels "unsustainable" – admitting she is "really struggling" with her role as his carer.

In her new documentary Caring For Derek, Kate candidly told the camera that she feels "terribly lonely" while caring for her husband, who was left in hospital for an entire year battling Covid-19.

An induced coma meant Derek has suffered from muscles seizing in his legs, while the virus caused organ damage and left him struggling to speak.

And Kate broke down in tears on the programme as she admitted: "People say I’m an inspiration, but I'm really struggling."

"One of the worst things is the terrible loneliness from having him here but not here – it’s really indescribable. It’s just really hard because I can see him, but he’s absent and you feel very alone all the time."

Kate said that Derek has actually gone backwards in progress since last year – and only responds with 'yes', 'no' or 'I don't know' whereas last year he could express his feelings.

In one heartbreaking confession, she said: "I still hope we’ll have a happy ending, but ultimately it just feels unsustainable.

"I wouldn't mind any of it if Derek was downstairs laughing and joking, and saying, 'Hurry up where's my tea?!'"

One of Derek's carers advised Kate that she was neglecting her own needs in order to pour every bit of her energy into Derek – and urged her to at least eat some food and get some sleep.

It comes after Kate revealed Derek would "die within three days" as he can't access food or water without around-the-clock care from others.

Scans in his brain by leading neurologists showed scars like what you'd expect to see in a vascular dementia patient, the documentary explained.

While Derek's thoughts aren't getting "lost", the connection between his brain and his body has been affected by the virus.

And heartbroken viewers have been clearly affected by the programme, with one writing on Twitter: "Thank you for raising awareness on the vital role of unpaid carers and paid carers.

"You are a wonderful wife and carer to Derek. Your children are such a credit to you and Derek and your family. You have a beautiful family."

As another echoed: "Well done Derek keeping up your fight, and well done Kate highlighting what carers go through daily."

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