Kate Garraway fights back tears as she recalls husband Derek’s first word

Kate Garraway was overwhelmed with emotion as she discussed the moment her husband Derek Draper said his first word. 

The TV presenter detailed the breakthrough in Derek’s recovery with Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid on Good Morning Britain on Monday. 

Sharing her first thoughts when doctors told her Derek, 53, had mouthed the word ‘pain’, Kate told Piers: ‘Way back in April when we chatted for the first time and I said he seems to have survived thus far but I’m praying for a miracle… 

‘This could be it but I’m still trying to keep myself in check.

‘Every time they said let us know if you can feel any pain and he very clearly mouthed the word “pain”. There wasn’t a tone but a whisper.’ 

She continued: ‘Later I was watching and I saw him mouth it again. 

‘It is a breakthrough but it is heartbreaking because it means he’s in pain which we don’t want.’ 

Kate, 53, then became emotional and wiped away tears as she opened up about the conflicting battle of being hopeful but realistic about Derek’s situation. 

‘I believe he’s still in there and that’s a start,’ she explained. 

Piers added: ‘It’s given you a glimmer of hope, this has gone on and it’s a nightmare for anyone. The way you’ve handled this with dignity and no self pity, it’s inspiring.’ 

Kate replied: ‘It completely has. The power of hope is huge but you’re also constantly trying to think because you’re also like when is hope still real. 

‘He is largely breathing on his own. He’s very very weak so that is another huge physical bit of progress and what I’m hoping is the two things have to work. 

‘I have to make sure the children aren’t running away with that and thinking in two weeks he’ll be home because there’s still a big way to go. 

‘It is a massive moment I think.’ 

Kate admitted that she was becoming ‘scared’ that Derek ‘might be giving up’ as the months have drawn on, but is relieved he’s been ‘able to fight out of this to utter the word pain’. 

She added: ‘It’s hard because I don’t want him to feel pain, it would’ve been much nicer if he was like, “I love you darling, Kate or say hi to the kids”. 

‘That is a sign I’m hoping the beginning of a recovery.’ 

Apologising for her earlier tearful moments, Kate told her GMB colleagues: ‘Sorry to be emotional.’ 

However she warned: ‘The problem is, here we are facing lockdown on Thursday, we’re all exhausted around the country. 

‘What I would say is, if you get Covid and you’re unlucky enough to get it like Derek even though he’s been Covid-free for months, the potential for longtime misery is huge.’ 

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6am on ITV. 

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