Kendall Jenner slammed for complaining she 'misses the south of France' during Covid pandemic and posting sexy pic

KENDALL Jenner was blasted as "tone deaf" for complaining that she misses the south of France during the Covid-19 crisis in a racy bikini picture.

Her post was screen-shotted and shared by podcaster Amanda Hirsch on Instagram, prompting a lot of negative feedback from her followers who were concerned about coronavirus.

In it, Kendall, 25, could be seen wearing sunglasses and standing with her hands on her hips with the caption: "I miss [the] south of France."

"Well I miss North of Italy but what are we gonna do Kenny," Amanda wrote, before adding: "It’s a pandemic or something."

Others soon weighed in on Kendall's post in the comments below as one fan remarked that it was the "constant tone deafness for me."

"People are dying kenDULL," quipped one user, while another noted: "They'll be there in a month, don't you worry."

"Private islands and mansions in Mexico just don't cut it," a third person sarcastically remarked in a thinly-veiled dig at Kendall and the Kardashian family.

"Why would she miss it?" demanded a fourth. "They haven't stopped traveling for this entire pandemic … Just shut up and go there Ken."

Others mocked her 25th birthday bash back in November, which was reportedly slammed for flouting CDC guidelines with no masks or social distancing.

"Maybe she should just have another massive party," wrote another user.

Her out of touch comment comes months after she was blasted for blowing out her birthday candles in a waiter's face on Halloween night and allegedly violating several of the Los Angeles CDC guidelines.

The Sun exclusively revealed how the party attended by 100 unmasked guests made the hotel’s staff feel “uncomfortable.”

An insider revealed that the Kardashians were well aware of the backlash they would receive but “did not care” and threw the “unsafe” bash anyway – though attendees were asked to take a coronavirus test prior to arrival. 

"They decided to just go through with it and have a good time,” the informant said. “The guests were told not to post anything to their social media to help minimize the backlash but of course it still got out. 

“Kris and the entire family were well aware of the LA CDC rules and chose not to follow them.”

Despite calls for no posting on social media, the Kardashian forgot to enforce calls for face masks and most guests ditched them.

After a video surfaced of Kendall blowing out her candles while rocking a Pamela Anderson outfit, fans were horrified that she had no consideration for the waiter holding on to the cake.

Many took to social media to express their disgust and slam Knedall's family, who also received backlash after Kim's 40th birthday trip to a private island with over 30 friends and family members.

But mom Kris defended their actions, insisting that they are being "responsible" and are "lucky" enough to get tested regularly for the coronavirus.

"We live our lives trying to be good people," " Kris told Andy Cohen on his podcast.

"We're dealing with lots of people who have different opinions, and all we can do is live our lives the best way we know how, and be responsible, and do the right thing,

"We're doing that exactly, and I think that I am very senstive to what's going on, believe me."

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