Lamar Odom Says Khloe Kardashian Is Going to Raise 'One Spoiled-Ass Baby'

But in a good way.

Lamar Odom thinks that if Khloe Kardashian could take care of him for four years during their marriage, she’ll be an incredible mother, too.

"To tell you the truth, it couldn’t happen to a better person," Odom said during an "Access Live" appearance. "I was really happy for her. If she could take care of a grown man for four years the way she took care of me, I know she could take care of a baby."

But knowing his ex-wife, Odom joked that the 33-year-old will do anything to ensure her first child has everything he or she could ever want in life.

"That’s gonna be one spoiled ass baby," Odom said.

While reflecting on their marriage, Odom said his happiest memories included his wedding day and the process of making a baby, which later served as a disappointment for the NBA star when he heard his ex-wife say on "Keeping Up with the Kardasians" last summer that she only "fake-tried" to have children with him.

"I was married, but I knew the circumstances weren’t the healthiest so I just kept pretending I was doing it," Kardashian said.

"When I was doing my fertility treatments, they were more so for Lamar," she added. "I had to stop because there was much deeper stuff that was happening in our marriage."

Although her public words hurt, Odom understands where she was coming from.

"That was hurtful, but I was going through some things at the time, so I didn’t really take it too personally," he said.

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