Lie With Me cast: Who is in the Charlie Brooks series on Channel 5?

Lie With Me: Nanny Becky ruins Anna’s dress on first day

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Lie With Me is due to air across four nights on Channel 5, with the second episode arriving tonight (July 13). The intense series is about manipulation and deceit, and it follows a couple as they attempt to save their marriage. has all you need to know about who is in the cast of the upcoming drama.

Who is in Lie With Me?

Anna Fallmont – Charlie Brooks

Anna has plenty to be proud of in her life, but her self-confidence gets in the way.

She has a history of depression and this came back to haunt her following the birth of her daughter, Grace.

The married mother-of-two decided to move her family to Australia for a fresh start, but it could have been their biggest mistake yet.

Anna is played by Charlie Brooks, a British actress best known for her role as Janine Butcher in EastEnders.

The star said she suffered “typecasting” following her 900-episode stint on the soap.

Speaking to Radio Times, she said: “Janine was kind of, is it fair to say a bit iconic as a character? And so it’s hard for people to see you in anything else.

“I think I’m A Celebrity probably helped with that because they’re like, ‘Oh! Charlie and Janine are very different,’ thank God! Although I’m sure there are some similarities in there somewhere, there has to be doesn’t there? It scares me to say that!

“So I think definitely there is typecasting that happens, for sure.”

Jake Fallmont – Brett Tucker

Jake is Anna’s husband in the series and he has the looks and charm every woman desires.

However, he is also described as a narcissist and he begins to lose his patience with Anna due to her emotional vulnerability.

Jake is played by Brett Tucker, an Australian actor known for his roles in Neighbours and The Saddle Club.

He also played Lucas Ripley, the Seattle Fire Chief, in the popular series Station 19.

The 49-year-old spoke out about his last episode of the ABC drama, telling “It was a mix of everything. It was release, it was sad, it was heartbreaking but happy as well. It was satisfying. There was a sense of satisfaction as well, in terms of having completed that arc, that storyline. And we gave it our all.”

Becky Hart – Phoebe Roberts

When the Fallmonts move to Australia, they find a nanny to look after their children – Becky Hart.

She may seem like the perfect candidate but there is more to Becky than meets the eye.

Roberts is known for her roles in Nowhere Boys and Ja’mie: Private School Girl.

The star is on Instagram and she shared some behind the scenes photos from Lie With Me.

One fan said: “Exciting! Can’t wait for everyone to see your amazing performance.”

Cynthia Fallmont – Caroline Gillmer

Cynthia is Jake’s mother-in-law in the series and she cannot help but interfere in her son’s life.

She is not a huge fan of Anna and is concerned for the safety of her grandchildren.

Cynthia is played by Caroline Gillmer, a 66-year-old Australian actress best known for her roles in Prisoner and Neighbours.

Liam Henderson – Alfie Gledhill

Liam looks after the gardens at the Fallmont estate and he is studying at a technical college.

He can sometimes be seen mixing with the wrong people, but he means well and has a good heart.

Liam is played by Alfie Gledhill, a 29-year-old Australian actor known for Studio 3 and The Gods of Wheat Street.

He posted an ominous photo of his character Liam on Instagram, teasing the release of the new series.

Detective Maria Taormina – Nadine Garner

Maria’s life revolves around her work and she finds herself unable to switch off at the end of the day.

She is a hard worker and may appear to have her guard up, but she sympathises with those who have been through the same experiences as her.

The detective is played by Nadine Garner, a 50-year-old Australian actress and mother-of-two.

She is known for her roles in The Henderson Kids and City Homicide.

Ray Tucker – Neil Melville

Ray Tucker is a private driver who is known for being respectful and keeping himself to himself.

He is played by Neil Melville, a 68-year-old Australian actor and singer who is known for his roles in theatre and film.

He was the lead singer of the band The Iliad and started his acting career with the Litte Patch Theatre.

Melville has also acted as director-in-residence at the University of Melbourne.

Caroline Wilder – Isabella Giovinazzo

Caroline is Jack’s secretary in the series and she is keen to settle down with the man of her dreams.

She is played by Isabella Giovinazzo, a 31-year-old actress known for her role as Phoebe Nicholson in Home and Away.

The star also played Jessie Davies in the drama Playing For Keeps.

She has just joined the cast of soap Neighbours, playing the character Felicity Higgins.

Phil Major – Bert Labonte

Phil is one of Jake’s best friends from back in the school days and he admires the husband and father.

However, he is unable to see Jake’s dangerous side and this appears to be his biggest weakness.

Phil is played by Bert LaBonte, an actor known for Animal Kingdom and Neighbours.

He also starred in the series Pirate Islands: The Lost Treasure of Fiji and Wentworth Prison.

Lie With Me airs on Channel 5 this week at 9pm

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