Lil' Kim Claims She Canceled 'WWHL' Appearance Because They 'Wanted to Be Messy'

“Put some f–king respect on my name, period.”

Lil’ Kim won’t be pleading the fifth this week at Andy Cohen’s Clubhouse — because she just allegedly bailed on doing his show entirely.

In one very fired up rant on her Instagram page earlier this week, the rapper explained that even though she had "a bunch of press" lined up for her new VH1 show "Girls Cruise," her publicist and manager made the "executive decision to shut it down."

"It’s not gonna be happening for a bunch of major reasons," she said, saying "two of the major outlets wanted to be messy." She named "Watch What Happens Live" as one of the two publications.

"I have a cool relationship with [Andy], I thought," Kim said, before her story jumped to another clip.

"Shit be deeper than what y’all f–king know. If y’all don’t see me doing press or y’all don’t seen me doing certain things, it’s cause I’m fighting, I’m f–king fighting and I’m not f–king just about to have mother f–kers not put respect on my name," she continued.

She also criticized the media for "trying to use me for my iconic status to f–king get a moment. F–k that, I’m the moment. I’m tired of that shit."

"At this point, it’s about me, I’m that bitch, nothing else. I refuse to f–king keep doing all these interviews, publications, and all of that shit if mother f–kers is not going to respect who I am, what I’ve done, where I’m at now," she added. "Put some f–king respect on my name, period."

The rapper ended her rant by saying if she steps away from an interview opportunity "know it’s a reason behind everything" — and telling fans, "Don’t think I’m a dumbass bitch, I’m a hustler first."

In response to Kim’s video, Andy Cohen tells TooFab: "I love Lil Kim and can’t wait for her to return to the Clubhouse."

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