Line of Duty drops explosive new trailer packed gunfights, car crashes and a game-changing 'H' clue

LINE of Duty's new official trailer has been dropped – and suffice to say season six isn't one to miss.

The much-loved police drama is set to make its return to our screens later this month.

DI Arnott, DI Kate Fleming, SI Ted Hastings and the rest of the AC-12 team will be back to their old tricks, trying to suss out the corrupt officers within the police force.

The team will be involved in their "highest profile" investigation yet, as they try to detect whether police corruption contributed to the unsolved murder they're looking in to. 

And this is all whilst trying to figure out who 'H' is.

Arnott, Kate and Hastings will be helped by a couple of new faces – including Detective Chief Inspector Joanne Davidson and DC Chloe Bishop.

But will the new DCI in town be someone the team should be suspicious of?

In one part of the new teaser an officer says to another colleague on the phone: "You have no idea what she's capable of," as the camera pans back on Joanne Davidson.

With a bunch of nail biting scenes in the new season – including car chases, crashes, gun showdowns and unsolved murders – fans can definitely expect to be sitting on the edge of their seats for the whole duration.

Over the past nine years, fans of the hit show can been pondering over who 'H' could be – and the trailer has hinted that it could be a woman within the force.

At the end of the trailer DC Bishops asks DI Arnott if he thinks there's a fourth man out there connected to the OCG.

To which the copper replies: "Man or woman?"

The camera then flashes back at DI Fleming – could she be the person behind it all?

Line of Duty season six will consist of seven episodes and run weekly on BBC One after the premiere.

Watch the new trailer here.

Catch the first episode of Line of Duty season six on Sunday, March 21 on BBC One.

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