Loose Women’s Linda Robson hates showers as she ‘can’t wash properly underneath’

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During Thursday's episode of Loose Women, the panel discussed bathing habits, with one of the women revealing she hates showers because she "can't wash properly underneath"

In the segment which discussed washing routines, Nadia Sawalha revealed how she would love to have a bath outside in her garden, just like fitness guru Joe Wicks.

Revealing that she has an inner hippy side, the 56-year-old said she would love to lay back and look up at the sky while taking a bath, because she loves bathing so much.

In comparison, Nadia's co-star Charlene White cannot stand baths and is in and out of the shower in under "two minutes".

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But it was 63-year-old Linda Robson who really set the cat amongst the pigeons.

The Birds of a Father star chimed in with her bathing habits, revealing something that divided the judging panel, while leaving fans and viewers in hysterics.

She said: "I like to be in the bath and I like to be all nice and quiet on me own.

"I won't stay in a hotel unless I've got a bathroom, I hate showers I can't see the point in them."

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"You can't wash underneath or anything in a shower!" she yelled as the Loose Women panelists all roared with horror.

"Well you can't can ya!" she said in defence.

Charlene then snapped back: "Well you can, because I clearly do in a shower."

Linda then continued with her anti-shower statement, "I mean like properly, when you're soaping it and that."

The women all laughed as they continued with their discussion.

Earlier on in the show, the foursome discussed the menopause, where Linda revealed going through "the change" as it's dubbed, turned her into a "monster".

The 63-year-old Birds of Feather star opened up about how she took HRT at the beginning of her menopause after she was "shouting at the kids" and lost her usually "high libido".

Revealing how she got her sex drive back after going on HRT, she recommends HRT to all women who are experiencing symptoms of the menopause.

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