Love Island Amy’s dad speaks out after daughter ‘does bits’ on national TV

Last night Love Island fans were shocked after Amy Hart and beau Curtis Pritchard revealed they had “done bits” while in bed.

Awkwardly for 27-year-old Amy, her dad has been watching the show…

Her dad Ian has spoken out on how he feels about Amy’s time in the villa so far, and even took a swipe at Lucie Donlan.

The funeral director has been watching the show every night on ITV2, but has friends looking out for him who warn him if there’s something he may not want to see.

Speaking to Heat magazine, the proud dad said he is “bursting with pride” over the way she’s coming across on screen.

He said: “The thing that really pleases me is that we’re seeing the Amy from Worthing.

“There’s no act there, she’s being who she is. That’s important.”

“He’s a ‘proper bloke’, as my granddad used to say”

Ian Hart

Before Amy entered the villa, Ian encouraged his daughter to go for the opportunity as his job has made him realise “we’re only here once”.

Speaking on Curtis potentially becoming Amy’s very first boyfriend, Ian said: “I do hope it is Curtis because I think there’s no act with him.

“He’s got old-school manners – like that first date when he pulled the chair back for her. He’s a ‘proper bloke’, as my granddad used to say.”

Speaking on the pair’s first date, Ian compared it to Lucie and Tommy Fury’s one.

He said: “I was the first person to ever see Amy, and the first person to ever hold Amy, and when they went on that date, I have never seen her so happy. The fact that it was in front of the cameras was immaterial. The look on her face, there was nothing forced.

“I mean, Tommy and Lucie’s date was a little bit of a stony silence, wasn’t it? Like a counselling session. But I’ve never seen her that happy.”

It may be early days, but Ian has even suggested he would pay for their wedding.

Do we hear church bells?

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