Love Island fans blast 'snake' Aaron as he savaged Kaz for voting for him – but didn't do the same to Faye

LOVE Island fans have branded Aaron Simpson a "snake" after he had a go at Kaz Kamwi for voting for him, but not Faye Winter.

Viewers were quick to point out the very different reactions the professional footballer, 24, who is coupled up with Mary Bedford, 22, had towards the couples that voted them as the "least compatible".

Both Faye and Teddy Soares as well as Kaz and Tyler Cruickshank confessed that they put forward the newest pair as the least compatible couple, leaving them vulnerable for the chop.

But luckily for them, Priya Gopaldas and Brett Staniland were dumped from the Island.

However Priya and Brett's dumping was only the beginning of the drama as tensions reached fever-pitch when the couple’s quizzed each other on what pushed them to vote for each other.

Aaron first quizzed Faye and Teddy over their decision to vote him and Mary the 'least compatible' and interestingly took their criticism well.

After Faye revealed they had voted for them, Aaron calmly agreed with her sentiments and said: "You had to vote for someone, you know what I mean.

"I feel a type of way because you voted for us, and I don’t agree with it, but you had to vote for someone."

But when Aaron had the exact same conversation with Kaz and Tyler, the islander blasted Kaz, leaving many at home to brand him a "snake" and accused him of "playing a game" on Twitter

One viewer penned: “Look how calm Aaron is with Faye? He's a snake man.”

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"So Aaron is calm with Faye voting for him but not Kaz," another commented.

A third wrote: "loooool but u had so much energy for kaz??? u are sick Aaron."

"Aaron is playing a game," another claimed. "The way he spoke to Kaz is not on."


Aaron's bust-up comes after Faye savaged EVERYBODY in the villa during a brutal roast in their talent show – even calling Jake out for his "copycat" girlfriend proposal.

The Islander made a jibe about her co-star copying 2017 winner Kem Cetinay when he asked Liberty to be his girlfriend with a bracelet – just like Kem did with partner Amber Davies before their victory.

It came just one day after she furiously branded Jake "fake" and a game player – warning Lib that she could "do better" in a furious bust-up over a vote.

Jake took the digs in his stride, with Toby and Tyler also victim to Faye's acid tongue.

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Kicking off her talent show entry, Faye warned: "If anyone's offended please get up and leave now!"

Targeting Tyler for returning to Casa Amor with new girl Clarisse before ultimately deciding he wanted to stay with Kaz, Faye said: "You want to play the field a little bit, don't you? You don't just want to go out with our girl Kaz.

"You want to go here, and you want to go there – you don't want to make her your girlfriend, but you want to make it exclusive. Is exclusive even a thing?!"

Turning her attention to Jake and his copycat proposal, she said of the bracelets: "I mean, Love Island has never seen that before, ever! Not once has it been done before… And got really good votes!"

Love Island has never seen that before, ever! Not once has it been done before… And got really good votes!

While the rest of the Islanders gasped in shock, Jake laughed off the jibe, later saying in the Beach Hut: "I love a roast dinner me, but that roast I got roasted. It's a bit of banter, you've just got to laugh."

Faye also poked fun at herself for "losing her head" in her controversial row with Teddy, which she apologised again for, before turning her attention to Toby.

Toby famously played the field at the start of the series, dumping Kaz for Chloe, Chloe for Abigail, Abigail for Mary, and then ultimately deciding that it was Chloe he wanted to be with.

Faye sniped: "Poor Chloe has been stood [at the firepit] while Toby had to go not only around the houses, not only around the town, he had to go around the whole city and then think 'oop', he really wants his girl Chloe."

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