Love Island fans convinced Amber and Michael will SPLIT as they row before Casa Amor

LOVE Island fans are convinced that Amber Gill and Michael Griffiths will split as they row days before the girls are sent off to Casa Amor.

The couple bickered when the firefighter called the beauty therapist over to the fire pit to call her out for being frosty with him.

But after Michael, 27, asked Amber, 21, if there was something wrong, she quipped: "There's nothing wrong. How have I been off with you?"

Michael replied: "You've been proper off with me over there."

Amber stated: "I wasn't off with you, me and the girls were just saying that the boys hadn't come over and spoken to any of us at all."

However, Michael hit back: "Am I not allowed to finish a conversation before I come over and say hello. There's no need to be like that. It's a little bit immature."

And as Michael appeared to get more and more frustarted Amber began to point out his body language.

She commented: "You just catch an attitude so quick."

Michael hit back: "Because I pulled a face? I didn't try and hide the face, I pulled the face. I will catch an attitude quick because you're really hit and miss with me. You don't have an off switch, if you want to listen to me then listen to me."

Amber replied: "Ok that's understood, so there's no problem?"

However, as Amber got up to leave Michael questioned why she was walking away from him rather than staying to chat.

"Can I go to the toilet then?" Amber asked as she walked away, but the couple continued to bicker as Michael clearly remained frustrated by the outcome of the conversation.

Many fans have taken to Twitter to predict that the pair's relationship won't survive when they're separated later this week.

One wrote: "@LoveIsland it’s over. #amber and #Michael are done…. they’ll bring an older girl in with her sights set on Michael to #CasaAmor and he’s bait."






While another said: "Amber and Michael fighting! There’s hope for drama in Casa Amor #LoveIsIand"

A third said: "Calling it now, Amber and Michael are going to fall apart when they're split up for Casa Amor and Michael's going to fancy and want to ditch Amber to get with one of the new girls. #LoveIsland"

A fourth commented: "Amber and Michael ain’t making it past Casa Amor. FACT. #loveisland"

And a fifth predicted: "Chances of Michael & Amber having a bit of a Josh/Georgia/Kaz sitch with Casa Amor?  Michael and Amber being perfect until now and now seeing Michael struggle with her… whole thing reminds me way too much of Josh with Georgia. #loveisland #getalifeamy"


All the couples relationship's will be tested when twelve new sexy singletons join the show tomorrow night.

Although, unlike previous years the girls will be the ones sent to Casa Amor where they will be met by new boys, while the boys stay at the main villa and are joined by new girls.

The twist is designed as a test see if they really are meant to be with the person they are coupled up with.

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